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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Welcome to another week in the Digital Photography School forums. Let’s get started!

Weekly Assignment

shed6 (by middric)We finished an assignment on Richard for the Alpha Tree.

Alpha Tree (by richarddigitalphotos)Lost (by japaslavian)We also started a new assignment this week, and the Eyes have it! Our current assignment is eyes. Eyes are not only on people, so don’t forget to get creative this week, and show us some of the other places that you can find eyes. We’ve already had some very creative entries. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your photo needs to have been taken between 23 Jan-5 Feb 2008, the exif must still be in tact, and somewhere in your post you must include the words “Assignment:Eyes”. Next week’s assignment will be Seasons, so if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that’s winter, and in the southern hemisphere, cheer up those people in the cold by showing some pictures of summer.

Weekly Poll

365This week we asked if you were participating in any 365 / threesixtyfive projects. The goal of these projects is to take a picture every day for a year. Some groups require self-portraits, others simply require a picture a day. Surprisingly nobody who answered had already completed one of these projects, but a lot of people are currently participating in one. Make sure to check out the thread to see links to people’s 365 sets and projects.

Haeretik said “Yup… am part of the threesixtyfive group, stumbled on it by accident… glad I did… so yeah threesixtyfive of self portraits, thought I’d throw a twist in mine and make every shot based on music – a lyric, song title, artist, album… makes it harder and easier at the same time. I think the next one I do though I’ll just run with it and not try to theme it.”

Taallyn, however, said “No, I haven’t done a 365 project. I don’t always have the time to photograph everyday, and frankly I’m not always in the mood to take the camera out everyday. I have thought about doing a “52” project though, since my goal is to do something photographically every week. If I do, then it would likely be in conjunction with starting up a photo blog.”

Since I just got off a very long plane ride, there’s not a new poll this week, but watch again next week for an announcement of a new weekly poll.

Hot Threads

Your FIRST Picture (everyone can play): One of the first theme threads in the Share Your Shots forum, this thread asks you to post the first picture (or at least the first picture you can find / remember taking) from your digital camera. It may be from your first digital camera or it may be from your most recent purchase, though they may be one and the same, but why not show us what those first few snaps were of after you opened the box.

What lens do you use the most and why?
: If you own a DSLR you may be spoiled for choice with the ability to change lenses for whatever situation you’re in. However, odds are still that you have one lens that you favour at least a little more than the others. Why not tell us which lens is almost always on your camera and why it is?

Optical-vs-Digital and the ‘X’s measure?
: If you’re coming from a point and shoot background and you’re just getting into DSLRs and zoom lenses it may be difficult to understand how the two systems compare since they are measured in two different ways. Read this thread to get a better understanding of how the two measures compare.

I need help understanding Masks
: One of the slightly more advanced, but very useful features in some post-processing programs is the use of masks in editing. This post-processing thread has some information on what masks are and some links to tutorials on how to use them.

Other Threads to Note

It must be time for another Classic Rock Challenge this week. This week, the album to interpret is Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet”. The goal of these threads is to interpret either the album title or a song title in a photograph. So put on some classic rock, pull out the camera, and show us what you’ve got.

Finally, don’t forget that every genuine post made between now and February 14, 2008 enters you in a contest where one person will win a new Canon PowerShot and five runners up will win eiher a copy of the Digital Photography Book (Vol 2) or a set of rechargeable batteries. Good luck!

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