Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (27 Sep-3 Oct '09)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (27 Sep-3 Oct ’09)

Weekly Assignment

shadow swirls (by fbroschart)This week we made use of tj6016‘s Killer Shadow. We’ve all seen the horror movies where you see the shadow coming up behind the victim, well tj6016 put that theme to good use and used the shadows to create a story, showing just how effectively shadows can change a shot.

canopy (by duna12)Someones Out To Get Me (Day 262) [Explored] (by Tj6106)We also started our Collections assignment this week. Most of us collect something, whether it’s seashells, coins, or dust, we want you to show us your collections in a creative and interesting way. As usual, a reminder of the assignment rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 23 September -7 October 2009. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: Collections” and the date that the photo was taken, otherwise we will not include it in our considerations. Finally, the EXIF should be intact and it’s useful if you can include some of the main points (e.g. camera, lens, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture) in the body of your post. Next week’s assignment will be Bokeh which is the out of focus area in your image when you use a shallow depth of field.

Hot Threads

  • Is Adobe the only way to go?: Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the most well known graphics / editing programs. It’s generally considered the industry standard. But is it really the only way to go or are there other options even when you are a professional?
  • From old to new: Photography has been around for a long time. But sometimes when you try to digitize older media you can run into problems. One forum member has been scanning slides and has wound up with a distinctly blue cast on them. If you have any tips on how to avoid this happening or how to fix it in post-processing, come share over in the forum.
  • Help shooting hot air balloons: Hot air balloons can be a tricky subject to shoot, but they can also produce some great shots. When shooting hot air balloons, you may be dealing with early morning and dark conditions, and during the day there may be sunlight and backlighting on moving subjects. So come share your tips on how to shoot hot air balloons over in our forum thread on the topic.
  • Family of 11 – How to achieve sharp focus with each subject?: When photographing a large group of people you want to have everyone in focus, but how do you achieve that? If you’ve struggled with this before, this thread has some advice on the matter. And if you have your own tips you’d be willing to share, come join us in the forum and share your advice.
  • What would you do: Come join in the fun of our weekly post-processing thread where you get the opportunity to edit another forum member’s photo. Whether you’re new to post processing or can create a photo-realistic scene in Photoshop, you’re welcome to join in the thread.

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