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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

13/365 (by Amy-Rose)Last week’s assignment was a challenging one. We asked you to show us pictures of zillygal for the picture of her son, who’s face shows total amazement after seeing a squirrel.

IMG_2037c2 (by zillygal_photos)Caught on Camera (by KT Lindsay)Our newest assignment is Ghetto Lighting in this Flickr group.

Weekly Poll

NYResThis week’s weekly poll was, well, another kind of holiday related festive one, and we wanted to know if you made any photography related New Year resolutions this year. It looks like a lot of forum members will be busy trying to meet their photography goals this year!

neilwood had two resolutions for this year: “1) Get out more often with the camera. 2) Improve the quality of my photography both technically and artistically.
Number one should be fairly easy – number 2 could be difficult!”

wulf, however, said that he didn’t have any resolutions and said: “I am not a fan of New Years resolutions. If I can put something off to the turn of the year to start, I probably won’t carry on with it very long. However, I have some ongoing projects that I plan to continue with (like fiftytwo) and also some new gear that I want to learn to make the most of.”

This week, a turn back to the more technical questions, but one that everyone can answer photo tips for beginners section of the blog).

Hot Threads

Would YOU Do It? (I’ve been asked to shoot for a Friend’s Wedding): Well, this is a topic that comes up a lot. Wedding photos. Your friends or family see that you got a shiny new camera, and cousin Mabel is getting married and can’t afford a photographer, and there you are, camera in hand, getting asked if you can record the most important day of a few people’s lives. What do you do? Do you take it? How do you turn it down gracefully? This question and a few others come up in this thread.

First Model Shoot: Getting people to model for you is hard. Pentaxian went to his wife and asked nicely, and in this thread he’s looking for some feedback on how his first model shoot went.

Rescue India shot: On a recent trip to India, james_c took a picture of a man on a boat, but he felt that some of the aspects took away from the photo. This critique thread looks at ways to improve a photo subtly, both with adjusting colours and contrast and with a different crop of the photo. See how both of these adjustments can make subtle differences to the end result of the photo.

Newbie(looking to make photos look more professional): Well, isn’t this what we all want? Our photos to have that professional feel? deshalon posted a picture in the post-processing section asking how to do that with one of her photographs. But if you have any tips in general that you think help make photos look more professional, why not share them in this thread?

Other Threads to Note

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