Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (24-30 Jan '10)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (24-30 Jan ’10)

You may have noticed that we’ve shifted things around over in the forum this week. We’ve split up the Share Your Shots section into categories, much like those in Critique. So if you haven’t had a chance, come check out the new sections and share some of your shots.

Weekly Assignment

Where the rubber meets the sky (by Mike Seigafuse)This week’s assignment was Arabic Collaboration‘s “Walking Home”. The shot was nicely composed, the reflections were wonderful, and the black and white treatment really gives it a sense of loneliness. Well done everyone!

DSC_0012(2) (by Kreative King)Figueroa Mountains (by MyPurspectiv)This week also marked the start of our assignment on Centered Composition. Often you’re told not to put the subject in the center of the frame, but sometimes putting the subject there can create a very arresting and interesting shot. The assignment this week is to show us a shot where the subject is used in the center with a dramatic effect. Make sure that you’re using this compositional technique to the greatest effect. As usual, a quick overview of the assignment rules. First, your photo needs to be taken between 20 January – 3 February 2010. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: Centered Composition” and the date the photo was taken. And last, your EXIF should be intact and it’s useful if you can include some of the main points (e.g. shutter speed, aperture, camera, lens, ISO, etc). In February we’re starting a month of themed shots on Food Photography. So the first assignment is Desserts. Make sure you check out magazines and cookbooks for ideas.

Hot Threads

  • this thread.
  • 365 and Breaking Patterns: As we come up on the end of January, many people are nearly a month into a 365 project. As part of a 365 project you may fall into certain patterns and habits with the types of photos you take. But how do you break out of these patterns? Or are you happy to simply stay in the pattern you establish? Come share your thoughts and advice on how to break out of these patterns when you’re involved in a photography project.
  • Question About Old Barns / Houses: One of the questions that can come up as a photographer is whether or not you’re allowed to go certain places to take photographs. This week someone asked about old barns and houses. But it’s good to know what you can and can’t do, and what’s proper etiquette when you’re shooting away from home. Come read some advice in this thread.
  • When was the Last Time You Hired a Photographer?: As photographers, we may know what other photographers’ prices are because we want to know our markets. But when was the last time you actually hired a photographer? Come join in the thread and share with us whether you’ve hired a photographer and maybe a little bit about why?
  • How to get Listed on Google Image Search: Obviously getting your photographs out there is important. But how do you get your photos on Google Image Search, one of the places where people will come across them. What shows up on Google Image search? And how do you get your images found? Come share your hints, tips, tricks, and questions in this thread.
  • What Would You Do: Every week we give you the opportunity to practice your post-processing skills on someone else’s photograph. Whether you’re just starting out or a pro, you’re welcome to show us what you would do with the photo.

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