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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Before we get into the weekend update, I just want to wish a very happy holidays to all of the DPS readers and forum members. I hope that you get to spend it with those that you love.

Weekly Assignment

christmaslights (by Lilia Ann)With the holidays in full swing, our weekly assignment was amy-rose for the candle with the christmas lights behind it. I hope that you all had fun photographing lights!

Candle and Christmas lights (by Amy-Rose)Light swirl (by Haeretik)If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, the days can only get longer from here, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to keep warm for a few more months. So, for our Northern friends, this week’s assignment is Warmth. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, you need to have taken the picture between 12 December and 25 December 2007, you must include “Assignment:Warmth” somewhere in your post, and the exif must be in tact. Next week’s assignments will be feelings. Maybe you’ll see the perfect opportunity for this one with the holidays.

Weekly Poll

Watermarking your images is one way to protect them when you post them online, and it often comes up in discussions, especially with people asking about how you add a watermark. But we were curious how many people actually do watermark. So this week we asked, do you watermark your online images? Somewhat surprisingly most people said that they do not watermark.

Teewinot said that she does watermark her images, and said, “I watermark every image I upload to Flickr and DPS. I feel like while it’s easy for people to remove the watermark, I’m sending a stronger message that this is my property. I just use a subtle system, a copyright symbol and my name in a bottom corner.”

Taallyn doesn’t use watermarks, but said something that really sums the topic up well: “I’ve seen some people up some truely invasive watermarks on otherwise lackluster photographs. There are also people have nice unobtrusive watermarks on spectacular photographs. The best way to protect your photographs is to be careful where you post them.”

This week, come tell us whether you will be getting or have received camera gear this holiday season.

Hot Threads

Black & white adjustment layers and blending. This tutorial continues on a similar theme, but this time shows you how to use a tint to get another effect.

Which lens do you prefer for portraits?: An older gear thread has resurfaced this week and has had a lot of new answers. Whether you’ve just received your first DSLR and have questions about the best lenses for portraits, or you’re a seasoned portrait photographer who has some suggestions to offer, this thread may be of some help.

CHRISTMAS, Bah HUMBUG!!!: It is the Christmas season, but we’re all familiar with how stressful it can be. DigiDave is well aware of that, but this thread challenges you to come up with pictures to get people out of that bah humbug mood.

Your First Digital Camera?: As we sit here and hope that Santa will come bearing camera related gifts, why not take a minute and think back to what your first digital camera was. Whether you got your first digital camera in the early 1990s or you only got it this year, why not drop by the thread and reminisce for a few minutes. Of course, if you do happen to have one of those early digital cameras, and you have a picture of it… well, let’s hope that it makes it to the thread.

Other Threads to Note

Well, what do you do when all the Christmas presents are opened, people are asleep on the sofa after a big meal, and you’re left with nothing to do since all the stores are closed? You drop by the forums to see what you can keep yourself entertained with. Why not try out the 31st edition of our Classic Rock Challenge. This week, the challenge is to interpret the album title or a song title off of “Christian of the World” by Tommy James.

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