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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Welcome to another week in the forums, as usual, there’s a lot to catch up on, so let’s get started.

Weekly Assignment

68 (by bigcrustyape)First things first, we finished the Fragility assignment. There were lots of different interpretations of fragility, so we’ve selected three that we thought showed off the concept really well. Our winner was Bigcrustyape for his self-portrait in a bathtub, which came complete with lyrics by Sting about the fragility of life. Our runners up were rdaw for the icy post, and MikeM for his picture displaying the fragile nature of finances.

post (by rdaw)Fragile (by MikeM-)We also started a new assignment this week too. Put on the sunglasses and the designer clothing, the red carpet has rolled out on our assignment this week as DPS goes to the Movies. This week we want to see your interpretation of movies, so whether it’s a literal picture of movies or an interpretation of a movie scene, get your 15 minutes of fame by showing us your pictures! In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, your picture must have been taken between 15 – 29 November 2007, your post must contain “Assignment:Movies”, and the exif must still be in tact. Next week’s assignment will be Repetition.

Weekly Poll

In this week’s poll, we asked whether people did their black & white photos in camera or in post=processing. Most people said that they did their photos in post-processing. Why?

Saralonde said “I always do it in post production. I do very little editing on my shots (I’m Photoshop-phobic), but I will do b&w in Picasa. It gives me a chance to use different color filters and compare the results. Amazing the difference between green and red filters! I have to admit that when I used film and had to make a conscious decision ahead of time to do b&w, I approached my photo taking differently. Shots were composed with b&w in mind, not just as an option afterward. I spent more time looking for shadows and light and contemplating what filter to use. Perhaps it’s better that way!”

Of course, some people use the in-camera function, like SarahN, who said “I like doing it better in camera because it does help me visualize it, plus there’s part of me that likes being “stuck” with a black and white. I like the challenge of increasing my skill at taking black and white photos. There are only a few pictures in which I wish I could switch them back to color. Plus it makes the post-processing a LOT easier..”

Come answer our newest weekly poll: Do you sell your photographs?

Hot Threads

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?: For people in the US, this week Thanksgiving was celebrated. Which meant that we got a chance to show off our culinary skills as well as our food photography skills. Check out this thread for a glimpse into how some of our forum members celebrated Thanksgiving.

Ghost Cathedral: This critique my shot thread looks at a haunted cathedral after the sun has gone down. Not only does the thread look at the composition and night photography aspects, it also looks at whether to leave the picture the way it is in reality or whether to edit it to remove some of the distractions.

Me before… Me Draganized: The Dragan effect has been around for a while, and it’s an interesting post-processing technique that makes things darker and brings out some of the detail (often the wrinkles on a person). xxpinballxx shows us this technique in a Before and After thread, which also offers several different ways to get a similar effect.

Pop Quiz! – Just for fun: No, it’s not actually a quiz, so don’t start panicking. Sime poses the question: What if someone walked up to you and said “Ok, here’s $250, you need to go spend it on camera gear – you have 2 hours and you can only use amazon. What would you buy?” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” Of course, this is all totally hypothetical, but it’s a lot of fun to see what you would get if you just had some fun money to spend without any guilt!

Techniques for Dark place: Night photography is difficult, especially if it’s really dark. So what are the basic things that you need to know? This thread gives a brief discussion of the basics as well as some advice for when you go out shooting (like take a flashlight!).

Other Threads to Notes

As usual, there’s another week of the Classic Rock Challenge. This week, the album of the week is The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers. The goal of this challenge is to take a picture to represent either the album title or a song title and post it. Good luck!

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