Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (19-25 Jun '11)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (19-25 Jun ’11)

Weekly Assignment

We finished up our Diagonal Lines assignment this week. There were some good uses of diagonal lines to create interesting images.

Our winner this week was cristen‘s green leaf photo. This is a great example of diagonal lines in nature. The colour was nice and overall it showed a nice example of how diagonal lines can be found anywhere and can create an interesting image.

Leaf and all it's imperfections

Our first runner up was another leaf photo, this time by docxnoel. The leaves echo the diagonal lines of the boar underneath them and the neutral tones work well for the image overall. And although typically you want to avoid centring your subject, this was an example of where it can work really well.


And last but not least was unmnorth‘s black and white bench. The diagonal lines in this one come from the light and shadow, but it helped create an interesting texture in this shot.


Well done to everyone this week!

Our newest assignment is our Horizontal Lines assignment. Keeping our eye on lines again, we will search for horizontal lines next. Hopefully, this emphasis on seeing lines in our environment will make it all second nature. As always, a quick reminder of the rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 15-29 June 2011. Second, your post must include the words “Horizontal Lines” and the date the photo was taken. Finally, your EXIF should be intact, and it’s helpful if you can include some of the main points such as camera, lens, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.

Next week we will start our Vertical Lines assignment, but start shooting now. Good luck everyone!

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