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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

We hope that you choke (by dreamyourealive)There was a lot of smoke this week because our assignment was, of course, Richard for his shot of colourful smoke.

Smoke (by ~Teewinot~)Smoke (by richarddigitalphotos)We also started the Everyday Artifacts Assignment. The idea is to take shots of common, every day items and make them into something more. Whether it’s by lighting or unusual angles, it’s a challenge to create art out of something you see every day. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, the picture must be taken between 31 October – 13 November 2007, the post must have “Assignment: Everyday Artifacts” in it, and the exif must still be intact.

Weekly Poll

This week’s question seemed silly to some people, but to a few (ok 1 person), it wasn’t quite as silly. The question was which makes the most difference in a photograph, the photographer or the gear?

wordsmithereens had a test in mind for how we can figure out which matters more and said: “This is the test: 1. Give a good photographer a box camera. 2. Give a lousy photographer a top of the line Leica. I say good photographer gets more good shots consistently with the box than the one with the Leica. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.”

rjb_FotoTaker was bold though and said: “Let me be blount, when is the last time you saw a professional walking around with a Polaroid or disposable 35mm. Take golf for example, you can share your clubs with a pro and he will spank you by 20 strokes, but you would not catch him on ESPN without the best gear.”

Come vote on this week’s question of whether or not you use filters on your camera.

Hot Threads

DPI Question?! – Confused!: DPI, PPI, resolutions, pixels, how do you know what is what when it comes to printing? This thread asks the question and provides some resources for understanding what what you need to know when it comes to printing.

How to I straighten a photo?: Sometimes photos are a little bit crooked and they need a little bit of help. But what can you actually do to straighten those photos? This thread offers several solutions for different programs to straighten out those pesky horizons.

Photo storage site?: How do you pick a site to backup your photographs on in case your hard drive dies? And is it even safe to keep your photographs online for your only backup? Learn about some potential places to keep your photos safe in this thread.

Other Threads to Note

We had a milestone in the What Would You Do threads this week, we hit Classic Rock Challenge where the challenge is to take a photo that relates either to a track or the album title itself. This week, the album is Days of Future Passed by the Moody Blues.

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