Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (17-23 Apr '11)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (17-23 Apr ’11)

Weekly Assignment

This week we finished up the last of our home life assignments with Leisure Time. We wanted you to show us what you do in your free time, while also keeping the rule of thirds in mind. Our winners this week did both.

In first place was Shutterbugdeb‘s “Comics and Caffeine.” One thing you can’t do if you’re reading comics online is set a nice hot cup of coffee on the page. This image is nice and crisp, it follows the rule of thirds well with the coffee cup sitting on an intersection of the lines, and you can almost taste it. Nicely done.

Comics and caffeine

Our first runner up was DivotMaker‘s “Lonely Without You.” This shot brought to mind the idea of the lazy days of summers past. And that look was helped even more with the sepia, almost dreamy look to the photo.

Lonely Without You

And last, but not least was Mandar‘s “Story Time With Mommy.” The lighting coming from behind the book created an interesting effect, and there’s nothing like curling up with a good book when you want to relax. It’s even better if you pass that love of books on to children.


We also started our Doorways assignment. Doorways can be physical or metaphorical. From a physical standpoint, you might want to consider textures, colours, lighting and shadows. Can you make us wonder what is behind the door? Spend some time thinking about what you want to convey before you shoot. Next week’s assignment will be Solitude. We want you to show us what solitude is to you. Does it mean being in a remote location? Does it mean being alone? Is it a physical place or a feeling? When we look at your image, a feeling of solitude should be the thing that comes to the viewer’s mind.

Hot Threads

  • HDR – What’s the optimal number of brackets and increments?: If you’ve experimented with HDR, you might have found yourself unsure of how many photos you really need to take to create a good HDR image. Come join us in the forum to discuss what you consider to be the ideal number of images to combine into a single HDR shot.
  • Techniques used for family photos: Sometimes our favourite photographic subject is the people around us. But when you’re always photographing the same subject, you might find yourself feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut. So, how do you break out of the rut when you’re taking family photos? What kind of new techniques can you try? Why not share your tips over in the forums.
  • To format or not to format?: Some people recommend formatting your cards after downloading them. Others say it’s fine to just delete the photos. Which is better? Which do you do? Come share your thoughts over in the forums.

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