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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums

Weekly Assignment

Hope (by Kunal Daswani)

We finished the peeperita for her black and white picture of hands holding a flute.

Allen's Hands (by shannon.hepler)IMG_5341 (by peeperita) This week we also started a new assignment, took it thread” on Smoke Photography. In order to be eligible for the mini-contest, you need to have taken your smoke pictures between 24 October – 7 November 2007, the exif must be in tact, and your post needs include “Assignment:Smoke” in it. Next week’s assignment will be “Everyday artifacts”, so the goal is to capture ordinary things in a new, different, or interesting way.

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll was of some interest to me because I was curious how many people actually gave their photographs titles. It’s something that I often struggle with, especially when posting online because the title seems to really be a part of the picture. Most people said that they either just give straightforward title that indicate the subject or event, or that they leave the file name as the title.

jiminyClickit felt that the title was integral to the photograph and said, “Starting at the moment of deciding to photograph a subject, it has a quality that caused me to take the time to register it on the card to the best of my ability. Included in that moment is knowledge that, displaying it will require an investment of more time to get through transferring to PC, Adobe, Flickr and DPS. That time is when a title choice is made. Being lazy or not having time doesn’t enter into it, as a title carries a lot of responsibility. Your intention can be explained by it, your sense of humor displayed, how you feel about a subject clearly suggested.”

And rediguana put it simply and said that I can’t be bothered titling my photos. I’d rather be taking photos than trying to spend time naming them.”

This week’s question is pretty simple, and I hope it will get some discussion going: What is more important to the picture: The photographer or the gear?

Hot Threads

What Do You Forget to Check?: Ok, so we’re all kind of forgetful sometimes, but Taallyn would like to know what you forget to do most often, and maybe it will help you remember the little things to check when you’re out shooting.

Making Your Own Greeting Cards: The holidays are coming, and this thread has some tips and advice on how to make your own greeting cards. If you’re looking for something special to send out in the mail and have some free time on your hands, this thread might be of interest to you.

Camera for a 5 year old?: Well, like I said, the holidays are coming and if you’re not willing to share your expensive camera with the kids, what cameras are suitable for little hands? Get some advice in this thread if you’re considering buying a digital camera for a young one this holiday season.

How Much Post-Processing Do You Do?: This is an older thread that has resurfaced a bit in the past week. Share how many of your shots you actually do post-processing on, and maybe even a bit about your typical post-processing workflow.

Other Threads to Note

Well, the What Would You Do threads are still going strong, and next week we hit the big 2-5! This week, one of the moderators submitted to be edited. So, if you want to show off your post-processing skills, your creativity, or your strange sense of humour, drop by this thread and show us what you would do!

We also have a new set of weekly threads being started by one of our long-time forum members DigiDave. It’s the Classic Rock Challenge. Every Thursday Dave will be posting a classic rock album with the tracklist, and the challenge is to take a photograph that interprets one of those. The first Album is “They Only Come Out at Night” by the Edgar Winter Group. Watch for these threads in the coming weeks.

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