Facebook Pixel This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (16-22 Aug '09)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (16-22 Aug ’09)

Weekly Assignment

Match (by Robert Forsyth)Last week we mixed it up when we the.world.through.my.eyes combined fire with earth (if you can count the human body as comprised of elements of earth). This shot was a creative take on the elements, but was also well put together.

Intlpam Della Creek (Fire 951) Back burn Aug 12 2009 (by KansasA)"Mixing Elements" (by Ada Lovelace 1852)We also started our newest assignment Two for One. This assignment is a little different from our usual assignments, so pay close attention. For this assignment you need to take 2 shots of the same thing while changing one key element in your photo (e.g. aperture, ISO, focal length, focal point, etc). Try to make it a noticeable change! For this assignment, you can put up either a diptych or two separate images. Also, please note which image you prefer, why, and what you changed. As always, you also need to include “Assignment: Two for One” and the date the photo was taken in your post. Your photo needs to have been taken between 12 – 26 August 2009, and it’s also helpful if you can include the main points, such as aperture, shutter speed, camera, ISO, and lens. Next week’s assignment is Weather, so show us pictures that show the weather or it’s effects.

Hot Threads

  • Sharpest Canon lens – On a budget: If you could recommend one lens to a Canon user as being as sharp as they could possibly get, which lens would it be? And what would it be if the budget was only $250-300 USD? Come provide your suggestions over in the forum.
  • What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever photographed?: This thread from back in April has made a comeback in the forums this week. But the question is still a very relevant one. If you’ve never answered the question before, what is the hardest thing that you’ve ever had to shoot? And if you have, has your opinion of the most difficult thing to shoot changed?
  • What mode do you shoot in?: Whether you’re photographing something you shoot frequently or something that’s the hardest thing you’ve ever photographed, what mode do you shoot in most often? Come share your favourite mode and see what other forum users use.
  • Must haves for starting a home studio?: If you’re just starting out or you want to run your photography business out of your home, what is the gear that you need to make sure you have to set up a studio? What lights would you recommend, what backgrounds, what other tools? Come share your thoughts in the forum.
  • What Would You Do: Come join in our weekly post-processing thread where you get to edit the photo of another forum member. The thread is a fun learning experience for people with all levels of photo editing skills, so drop on by!

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