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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forum


This week’s assignment was Pernod for the Little Drummer Boy, which plays with the rules relating to exposure, but still creates a very evocative image.

As usual, we also have another assignment this week, and it’s all about Fruit and Vegetables. We have already had lots of great entries. And I suspect that by the end of this assignment we’ll have seen everything from Asparagus to Zucchini, and lots of other fruits and vegetables in between. Don’t forget to tell us what the fruit or veg is, especially if it’s not a common one. If you want to participate in the mini-contest for the assignment, your photo needs to have been taken between 29 August – 11 September 2007, contain “Assignment:Fruit & Veggies” somewhere in the post, and have the exif still intact. Watch for next week’s assignment: Weathered.

Weekly Poll

photoshop pollThis week we asked forum members a question that comes up a lot in digital photography: Is photoshop cheating? The response was actually pretty overwhelming, and for a good part of the week we had almost no responses that said that it was cheating.

Pernod gave a short and succinct answer to the question: “If your photo is art, then photoshop away to your hearts consent. If it is news, then no ‘advanced’ photoshop allowed!” and also pointed out the new Reuters’ guidelines on photoshopping.

hpebley3 gave another perspective on why photoshop wasn’t cheating since: “Photojournalism, like journalism in general, is telling a story. We have this myth that these stories are true and unbiased, but they’re not. They’re biased by the photographer and editor in what they choose to focus on, what they put in and leave out of the frame, when they choose to snap the shutter, what stories they cover, etc. Some organizations choose to propagate this myth by making up policies of what’s “allowed” and “not allowed” in their photos. This is of course their prerogative, but don’t be fooled into thinking the myth is truth.”

Check out this week’s poll and tell us if you’d rather stay a hobbyist or become a professional.

Hot Threads

Two of the hottest threads in the forum this week have been the

Sometimes a picture can save a life: TrickWild shared a shot in the share your shots thread and it got some attention there, but it deserved a thread of it’s own. Here, he shares the store about how a picture he took helped to save the life of a dog and it’s puppies. Come read the story about Lily and Gus.

How many shots do you keep?: When it comes to your photos, are you a pack-rat or do you cut your shots down to only your best as soon as you download them? Here’s the thread you can discuss it in and see how you compare to other photographers.

Getting the most from your consumer grade lens: Not everyone has L lenses from Canon or the most expensive Nikon lenses. So, if you’ve wondered about how to get the best out of the lenses that you have, this thread offers some tips and tricks about what to do and what not to do to get the best quality pictures you can.

Other Threads to Note

We’re nearing the end of alphabet, so make sure if you have pictures of anything that starts with the letter T, you drop by the What Would You Do thread to get a chance to practice your post-processing skills. This week’s photos is one by our most prolific poster, jiminyClickit.

Finally, August’s contest to win a Wallhog has come to an end, so watch the blog for an announcement of the winner.

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