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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forum

Weekly Assignment

IMG_0565 (by Earth Mama Photog)This week we balanced out our basic assignments with our kelloire‘s photo taken inside of one of Washington DC’s metro stations also showed a sense of balance with the two trains passing each other and creating a sense of symmetry.

53/365 - Food, stacked with sweetness - Feb22 (by pbdweeeebie)DSC_4528 (by kelloire)This week’s assignment is Rhythm. We are aware of rhythmic patterns in music and they exist visually as well. It can be pleasing and soothing or somewhat erratic, but it keeps our eye moving in a repeating pattern. Fence posts, ripples in water, as well as shapes that echo each other such as circular patterns of different objects, are all examples of rhythm in composition. These elements should compliment each other, creating a flow that is pleasing to the eye. As usual, there are a few simple rules that you need to follow to be eligible for the mini-contest to have your photo featured here on the blog. First, your photo needs to have been taken between 18 February – 4 March 2009. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: Rhythm” and the date that the photo was taken. And third, your photo’s EXIF should still be intact. Check the assignment thread for the full details of the assignment. Next week’s assignment may be a challenge for some people, but it is will be self portraits. The challenge is to get out from behind the camera and take a shot of yourself.

Hot Threads

  • Unmotivated: Sometimes we go through what can be affectionately (or unaffectionately) called “photographer’s block” where we just can’t be motivated to shoot. You may have plenty of ideas, but what do you do when you have no motivation to follow through on them? Come help out some of us who struggle with our motivation.
  • Cliched Images: Sunsets, babies, kittens, light trails, waterdrops, HDR, the list of cliched images goes on and on. Of course, what people don’t always say is that often times these sort of shots are just as valid as any others, and when people add their own unique twist to them, there can be fantastic results. But come join in the discussion and add your own cliche photos to the list.
  • Must Have Lenses: Of course there are lenses that are fun, but there are also lenses that you would never go without. Even though one photographer’s “must have” lenses may be less than useful to another, come join in the discussion about which lenses are the “must have” ones in your kit.
  • Rules of Photography: The rule of thirds, filling the frame, getting down to kids’ levels… all of these are rules of photography. But where do you find some of the basic rules? And how do you know which are the good ones or why they work? Come share your insights into some of the basics of photography in the forum thread.
  • Who Wears or Has Worn a Photographer’s Vest?: One way to carry your photography gear is by wearing a photographer’s vest. But how many people eraly wear them? And are they a good option instead of a bag? Come share your opinions in this forum thread.

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