Things People Say to Photographers - What Have You Heard?

Things People Say to Photographers – What Have You Heard?


If you’re in the photography business you’ve likely heard some pretty outrageous comments made by clients. In these three videos let’s have a humorous look at things clients say to photographers. Remember this is all in fun, and we, as photographers, value our loyal clients fiercely. Right?!

Things Clients Say

I this first video by Queen Photographers we see some of the most common phrases and things heard by photographers. Some just make our eyes roll. Have you heard any of these gems?

Shtuff People Say

Here’s another tongue-in-cheek look at “shtuff” people say to photographers. What’s your favorite? How about, “Wow your camera takes really good pictures!” If you aren’t a professional, even as an amateur or hobby photographer you’ve probably heard that one right?

Kid Edition

This one is probably my favorite of the lot. It was made by a photographer and his kids, using the kids as models. I think they did a fantastic job.

Let’s hear from you

So now it’s your turn. What are some of the doozies you’ve heard from people? Here are some of my faves:

  • Your camera takes great photos. (Never mind the two years of photography school, and years of experience I have been doing it.)
  • Much be nice charging that much for a wedding, you hardly have to do any work at all. (Said a wedding guest who has no idea a wedding takes up to 40-50 hours of work before, during and after the big day.)
  • Can you take a photo with my camera? (A father of the bride asked me this once, and I was the paid wedding photographer taking their family photo at the time!)
  • Can you NOT put your name/signature on our prints? I might want to get them copied and the copy shop won’t do it if there’s a professional mark on them. (Asked of me by an actual paying client.)
  • Can you NOT put your signature on any of my family’s prints? That is only for art and artists. You’re just a photographer and what you do isn’t really art, so I don’t want your name on it. (He then proceeded to convince everyone in the extended family why they didn’t need 20×24 prints which they have purchased and they all downsized to 11×14 or 8×10, thanks, buddy! But I refused to not sign them so he had to take it or get none.)
  • Can you give us the wedding photography package we want but just throw in a free 16×20 wall canvas? The studio down the street said they’d do it for less. (To which I suggested they go meet with that photographer and hire him if they liked his work. After 2 days they hired me at my price PLUS the 16×20 at full price.)

Let’s hear yours. Remember – this is dPS so please keep it clean folks, no curse words (use a bleep if you have to), or name calling. Keep it light-hearted in the spirit of the videos. Just do an eye-roll and move on.

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  • Tom Cooper

    “Can you just, like, shoot pictures at my wedding?”

    What is not obvious in the words is that they were not expecting to pay me anything.

  • Kimberly

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  • “My cousin went to that country! It’s so beautiful you really can’t take a bad photo there…” said at a juried art exhibit in front of the photo I had slaved over to get just the right light, composition, etc then processed to get the colors and mood just right.

  • DD

    What photographers put their watermark on a paid-for print? Seems odd.

  • Mads Arnholtz

    After being hired for a very nice weeding, where everything went fine. I was contacted by the grooms mother who also was getting married in the nearest future. You took some wonderful pictures at my sons weeding, but I think it’s only fair if i pay half the price, since you already earned a lot of money for his weeding.
    I must admit she took me by surprise, cause I never heard that one before, but I manage to come up with an answer, and told here that it was two different jobs, and of course she had to pay, just like her son did.
    Then she started with the classic, I have a family member who have a bigger camera than yours, and he can take pictures too. He is my brother and was sitting next to my at the weeding.
    In that case you should use your brother and save the money, I told her, but was polite enough not to tell her I also remembered her brother.
    He was the guy who didn’t made it to the dessert, because of to much wine…

  • Peter Marquez

    i shoot lot of landscape photos. my new gril friend wanted to see my photos so i took photo album for her to see and her whole family show up and the comment i got was “just picture of dirt who wants to see dirt”fast forward 30 years when i take photo at family birthday partys its, you get that shoot !! when do i get to see them, when will the photos be on FB, or don’t put my picture on FB,my sisiter in-law told me one day at her kids party “we don’t like your camera in our face” it was like wow!! Ok and walk away. the following year i should up when it was time for cake she ask me to take picture i told her i left my camera at home so she gave me her nikon to shoot with, so i just walk away and she still madd at me.

  • Regina Harvey

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  • Tim D

    My wife often says “Can you bring your good camera?” or “I like the pictures you get with your good camera.” One day we were standing in front of a fountain that had some interesting lighting effects. I took her phone from her, opened the camera app, changed to Pro mode, set WB, set ISO, set exposure bias. Zoom. Click. Show image to wife. Wife:”Wow! That’s cool! How did you do that!?” Me: :-//

  • Pahz

    I’m not a wedding photographer, but I get this one sometimes:

    “Why can’t you shoot my wedding?”
    “Because wedding photography is a specialty that I’m not well-trained in-”
    “Oh, come on! It’s just PICTURES!”

    (to date, I’ve only shot one wedding, for a friend, at a waaay low price because they said they wanted my style of photography. They loved the photos, but whenever Facebook throws up that “memory”, I just see all the things I did wrong).

    Also- my own husband used to tell me that photography wasn’t really art, but he asked if I could take photos of his N-scale train set. I brought my flash, triggers, and my big reflector (he has a whole bedroom where he built a little world for the train set). When he saw the photos later, he changed his tune about artistry and photography. This is my favorite shot from that day.

  • leslie fay

    I’m not a pro but if I hear “your camera takes really great pics” one more time…
    I also take mostly nature pics, mtns don’t talk.
    Imho post processing is kinda like cheating, just sayin’.

  • Ian Merrick

    Best comment i had? ‘I bet that lens takes great pictures!’ Yep, nothing to do with the camera body or the bloke standing at the back ?

  • BT

    Had a “friend” ask me to shoot his son’s high school band’s last show and said he would pay me. The show lasted about 4 hours including rehearsal. I shot several hundred images. When I showed him and his some the top shots, they picked around 60 they liked and the “friend” thought he would just pay for the photos, NOT the shoot! He claimed it was a misunderstanding when he said he would pay for it.

    I wondered if he said the same thing to the photographer who did his wedding.

    He declined paying for the 60 or any other lower numbered selection. He finally said that all they would pay for are eight 4×6 prints. I sent him a CD with all the unedited JPGs and when he sent me a check for $50 for: “my efforts”, I sent it back, writng on the envelope: “not necessary”. He e-mailed thanking me for my gesture.

    Since then he tried calling me a few times and I didn’t answer. I wonder if he realized what my real gesture was…

  • TomC

    I was getting a haircut at my barber’s shop and I brought an album of pictures for them to see. The shop is owned and run by a Korean woman and her Korean relatives also cut hair. While looking at my album, one of them said “Oh that very pretty. You must really have good camera”. I just bit my tongue and thanked them.

  • wayward

    on the front of a paid-for-print, few still do that (Olan mills portrait studios comes to mind, you NEVER saw/see a single print of theirs WITHOUT their signature on it) That being said, if you get the prints done by a shop, some of the ability to print copyright info on the back of the print which serves the same purpose, just not as much in-your-face

  • @bari_tarmon:disqus Wow yeah that’s not good. It’s a hard lesson to learn but always get the agreement on paper ahead of time so everyone knows the price and what’s included.

  • @ian_merrick:disqus I’d love to see the lens take a picture by itself! LOL

  • @lesliefay:disqus Totally fair to each their own. Others feel it’s part of the process, as I do. Even Ansel Adams “processed” his photos and he manipulated them a lot! In the film and print development stages. Would you say he cheated? 😉

  • Nice! Way to show him.

  • Bingo!

  • Yup too funny. Another good analogy you could have given her is this – Does your favorite restaurant give you 50% every time you eat there? They must because they’re already earned a lot of money from you eating there before, right?

    OR – “If you go to buy a new car from the same dealer you bought you current car do they give you 50% off as a repeat customer?”

  • @disqus_Vz4XxesB14:disqus Back in the days of film when there was a MUCH bigger separation between professional photographers and people with little cameras – we signed our prints. It was not a watermark but a signature – just like any artist signs there paintings. Watermark and signature are not the same thing. One adds value as art – the other is meant to deter theft.

  • @disqus_pugw7NEZkq:disqus Yeah all you gotta do it show up right?! Oy vay!

  • @disqus_wxd5LQaaBH:disqus Or worse yet they invite you and tell you to “bring your camera”

  • Warren Rowe

    I think I would have washed my hands clean of that entire family.

  • Zero sum

    You could have told them they had fantastic scissors, since they do manage such good haircuts. 🙂

  • leslie fay

    I think that manipulating photos back in the day of B&W box cameras is probably a drop in the bucket compared to what people do with computers. There’s adjustments and then there’s photos that are completely manipulated. I still think that there should be separate categories or at least a footnote to indicate when an image has been extensively manipulated.

  • David

    I’m and Event Photographer, and every once in a while I will get asked “So, did you get a lot of good photos?”. Sometimes it’s a guest or attendee, and sometimes it’s the client. Just once I’d like to say “No, didn’t get anything good, they’re all terrible!”.

  • @lesliefay:disqus Yes and no. I did my own darkroom work back in 1987-1993 or so, color and b/w. I did several projects for college that combined multiple images and negatives together, similar to composites now done in computer. Have you even see any of these guys work? Totally manipulated, a LOT.

    Joel-Peter Witkin (google his name, be warned his images are graphic and quite bizarre) – very famous images, combined from many negatives into one final image.

    So . . . in my opinion it is easier now with digital but we still did a lot of that stuff back in the day. I know a guy who did multiple image toning on his prints so part would be a cool-tone b/w and parts would be warm toned (sepia). It took him hours and masking on the prints. Now there are split-toning sliders that can do it in seconds.

    I also did cross-processing (putting negative film into chemistry for slides and vice versa) that there are now presets to achieve a similar look in seconds. I have also personally done hand coloring by painting with a watercolor like dye on b/w photos. I’d added oil paint to both b/w and color images making something totally different.

    Just food for thought. All I’m saying is photographers have been experimenting since the creation of the medium – that’s how we progress! It’s not a new thing to stretch the boundaries.

  • Alex Shabotenko

    A photo is a dish, PP is sauce. You can add just enough to make your dish taste the way you want, or you can drown it in a puddle of ketchup… same thing 😀

  • E.L. Bl/Du

    LMAO that was funny. the guy was funny, but the kids were obviously coached, what kid doesnt like to act tho.

  • exactly!

  • Vladimir

    “Your pictures are not real anyway, as they are photoshoped”

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