Facebook Pixel The Winners of the Three NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

The Winners of the Three NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

The winners of the four NYIP photography courses are…

The Winners of the Three NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

A BIG thank you to everyone who entered our recent competition to win one of three photography courses from our friends at NYIP.

The response was wonderful. In fact, it was so wonderful that the team at NYIP decided to offer a special 20% discount off any of their courses (details below). But first – here are the three winners of the competition for Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course – worth $749 (winners chosen by NYIP):

  • ETricco
  • Felicia Giberson
  • SD Art Teacher

A Message from NYIP (and a 20% discount)

“Congratulations to all three winners! And thank you to all the participants for your many comments. We were so excited to see how many people were interested in our Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course. To those who did not win, we wanted to let you know that for a limited time we are offering you the chance to save 20% on the NYIP Course of your choice. Learn more at www.nyip.edu. Simply use the code NY20 at sign-up. But don’t wait, because this offer is only available until November 8th EST – The NYIP Team”

  • Winners will be emailed with details of how to collect their prize by the team at NYIP.
  • Thanks to everyone for entering and to NYIP for yet again, sponsoring another wonderful competition.
Image: Photo by NYIP Student Photographer, Finnur Tomasson

Photo by NYIP Student Photographer, Finnur Tomasson

The winning comments:

By ETricco – This course seems to be just what I am looking for. I have dreams of getting into some sort of photography-related field (most often when the 3 1/2 walls of my cubicle feel like they’re closing in on me and I need to find a more fulfilling career ASAP), but how do you start?? They are probably pipe dreams, but I figure at the very least I would like to master the skills. I use manual settings all the time and end up with decent pictures, but they are the production of lots of shots and just testing out different settings to see what works. I want to move on from this try-and-see method to a more calculated, intent technique. Anyone can take a beautiful photo of something beautiful, but I want to gain the skills to take something ugly or ordinary and capture it in a beautiful frame- and to be able to do that consistently, knowing exactly how to go about it and why. I’ve been reading up on ISO and aperture and shutter speed and have a basic grasp of what they are and how they work together, but I can’t yet look at something and know what my settings should be. I think if I had the framework this course provides instead of the piecemeal learning I’ve been doing, pulling together tips and facts from different articles and forums I find, it would really pull everything together; moreover, I think I would also be a source of motivation, because I love learning but trying to teach myself on my own is often overwhelming and disheartening. Lastly, I love that this course can be done at my own pace, so it can fit into my already hectic life and I can really get the most out of it. Please pick me and rescue me from my Office Space nightmare!

By Felicia Giberson – NYIP to me is a place that cares about their students by helping them to become better photographers. Being able to be mentored by a professional photographer would be absolutely amazing. I never seem to be completely satisfied with my pictures and to be able to have a professional guide me and give me one on one feedback is priceless. I have been learning for over a year now and seem to have hit a roadblock in the way that my pictures are coming out. My focus, composition, and exposure always seem to be off and while I can fix exposure and composition in the computer I cannot fix the focus. I would be so excited to have someone be able to give me pointers to use so that I can correct this and other issues I am having. Watching videos online and reading articles only helps so much. I would love to have the chance to get that perfect final image in my photos that I see in my mind and I believe that the New York Institute of Photography can do that.

By SD Art Teacher – How could I use an NYIP course, oh let me count the ways…
First, I am a high school art teacher from a rural school in South Dakota. And I have been given a wonderful opportunity this spring to teach a photography class. (I have only been asking for this opportunity for about 10 years or so), but anyways, I have finally been granted my wish.

This brings me to my first problem. The last time I took a photography class we used this stuff called film and we had to edit, develop and process it in a room, called a “Darkroom” ironically. Hopefully these still exist, but no matter what, this is where I learned. Now not to make myself sound THAT old, I have owned a DSLR camera for about 10 years now. I just have never officially taken a class. I am very proud to be a self-taught photographer. But I think I am in over my head with this teaching photography thing.

NYIP could help me in so many ways because while I think I know composition, lighting and editing, I also know that I might NOT know everything. Usually this is hard for me to admit. But when it comes to photography, which is at the lower end of my knowledge pool, I would be grateful for any assistance I can get. I am especially interested in learning the editing phase of the class. I know enough about editing programs to basically be dangerous, but I am very nervous about teaching tips and tricks to high school students who are depending on me for every step of the process.

While I am nervous, I am also very excited to be teaching a photography class. I also think I am in a great position to not only use the knowledge I will learn from NYIP but to pass it on to future photographers who will learn the true art of photography. I hope to inspire them to find a passion in taking photos and learning to edit them so that they look like they have been created by professionals. My students might not become professional photographers but through my journey I hope to help them find their own adventure and love for photography. Who knows, they might even be inspired to pick up their own NYIP class in the future.

Thank you all again.

You can learn more about NYIP HERE

The Winners of the Three NYIP Photography Courses Are . . .

Disclaimer: NYIP is a paid partner of dPS.

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