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My Most Photographed Location Is…. [What’s Yours?]

Image: Shot You Know Where

Shot You Know Where

Do you have a place that you find yourself drawn to over and over again to take photos?

It struck me last week as I was quickly scanning back through my last few months of shooting that there was a location that appeared over and over again. It’s a room of our home (with a baby in the house much of my photography happens close to home in this season of life).

While I’ve never set out specifically to shoot in this location it is a regular feature of my photographic routine.

What room is it?

It’s our Bathroom

It might seem like a strange place to be shooting the bathtub in our bathroom is one of the most photographed locations in our house. Why? There are a few little reasons:

  • the first are our three boys who tend to spend time there every night – where they go, my camera goes.
  • our three boys don’t sit still long – but in the bath they’re at least a little contained and that makes for easier shooting
  • it’s also a playful and fun time – good for capturing the boys at their animated best
  • light – this is the real reason I love our bathroom. Let me explain more….

The light in our bathroom is fantastic. We have a large frosted window facing the west and so when the sun sets (around bath time at our place) there’s a beautiful diffused light that shines into the room.

Not only that all the walls and floor are white and there’s a big mirror too – so that gorgeous light just bounces around that room like crazy making it like a big life-sized lightbox!

That’s one of my most regular locations for photographing my kids – but what about you? Where do you find yourself taking more shots than any other place… and why?

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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