Low Light: Weekly Photography Challenge

Low Light: Weekly Photography Challenge


1To followup on our post earlier today on Low Light Photography we thought it might be a good topic for this weeks challenge.

So – your challenge is to take and share a photo taken in low light.

You’re welcome to take any approach to this that you like. You might want to try shooting some star trails (also check out this post on star trails) or night skies, do some candle light photography, do a night time streetscape or shoot some light trails – really it is totally up to you.

Once you’ve taken your Low Light photo upload it to your favourite photo sharing site either share a link to them even better – embed them in the comments using the our new tool to do so.

If you tag your photos on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter or other sites with Tagging tag them as #DPSLOWLIGHT to help others find them. Linking back to this page might also help others know what you’re doing so that they can share in the fun.

Also – don’t forget to check out some of the great shots posted in last weeks Converging Lines challenge – there were some great shots submitted.

PS: Don’t forget Neil Creek’s Night Photography Course is 31% off this week – it’d be a great way to explore this topic.

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Some Older Comments

  • Andrii July 7, 2013 02:46 pm

    Really enjoy shooting at night. Not only cityscapes, but different subjects.


  • Don July 7, 2013 12:32 am

    Fireworks in San Francisco.


  • MaryAnn July 5, 2013 08:46 pm

    My first time posting although I've been following for over a year.


  • Gary Paakkonen July 4, 2013 01:59 pm

    Low Light/Long Exposure of 2013 Canada Day fireworks from Elm Creek, Manitoba, Canada


    Gallery can be found here



  • Jeff Bjune July 1, 2013 04:44 pm

    Nautical, blue, water, sails, boats, bay, night, fishing, vessel, sailboats, three, Charleston, South Carolina,


  • Marie July 1, 2013 11:14 am

    This is a great challenge - low light is totally a weakness of mine. I would love to see an article on nighttime portrait photography - specifically wedding portraits outside in the night.

  • Helmi96 June 30, 2013 07:47 am

    A shot at sunset in St.Petersburg winter. Lomonosov bridge across Fontanka river.

  • Paul Lewis June 30, 2013 04:42 am

    A night time shot through the entrance of St Helier Harbour to Elizabeth Castle beyond.


  • BPreslavski June 29, 2013 10:59 pm


  • BPreslavski June 29, 2013 10:57 pm


    [eimg url='Rakia by Boris Preslavski' title='font>']

  • Philip Clements June 29, 2013 11:37 am


  • Craig June 28, 2013 11:27 pm


  • Anjan Mandal June 28, 2013 09:27 pm

    Here is one of my low light shot, shot during vivid Sydney 2013..

  • Norbert Vella June 28, 2013 08:30 pm

    Mellie?a by Night

  • anjan mandal June 28, 2013 07:09 pm

    Here is one of mine shot during vivid Sydney 2013

  • anjan mandal June 28, 2013 07:07 pm


  • Sjoerd June 28, 2013 07:00 pm

    This is a self portrait in a double-glass window. My face is lit by a desk light.


  • Jame S June 28, 2013 05:49 pm


    Took this photo of the University in Limerick when we had some clear skies for a change.
    30sec, f22.0, ISO 100

  • Edward Penn June 28, 2013 01:38 pm

    This is a long exposure night shot I took a few nights ago. This was my first time shooting at night and experimenting with long exposures/bulb, etc. I only recently bought a remote and tripod. Next, I'll shoot star trails, etc. Assignment "Low Light".

    [eimg link='http://www.flickr.com/photos/64764468@N02/9153234671/' title='IMG_5060' url='http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5456/9153234671_ed15f982f1.jpg']

  • tankhimo June 28, 2013 08:51 am


  • Brita June 28, 2013 05:44 am


  • greg spalding June 28, 2013 05:25 am


  • RockinRita June 28, 2013 01:19 am



  • Brad Lovell June 27, 2013 12:24 pm

    Here's a shot i took recently of the super moon, rising over sloss furnace in Birmingham Alabama

  • Francoise June 27, 2013 10:39 am

    Tried lots of pictures of white flowers in the garden; some cool stuff. But. Then an unexpected storm came in... It was almost completely dark.


  • Steve Docking June 27, 2013 07:20 am

    Beach Huts by Moonlight

  • Steve Docking June 27, 2013 07:18 am


  • Heather June 26, 2013 07:13 pm

    A shot of the night time streetscape at the front of my house.


    ISO 200

    Converted to B&W in photoshop

  • Heather June 26, 2013 07:09 pm

    Low light photo of my partner's guitar, using a single candle.


    ISO 200

  • Jay-Dee Purdie June 26, 2013 01:42 pm

    Please see my low light photos on the most recent post of my photography blog. The post can be viewed at this web address ...


  • Zane Stankute June 26, 2013 07:13 am

    It is a wonderful evening here in Riga! Magnificent view over Daugava.

  • George Skelton June 26, 2013 07:03 am

    Port of Miami........mouldy oldie


  • MN June 26, 2013 06:52 am

    Christmas lights just after sunset:


  • Mark Morfe June 25, 2013 11:38 pm

    Would old photos do?

  • Mihaela June 25, 2013 10:51 pm

    around London


  • Danny Dutch June 25, 2013 10:09 pm

    Shooting at dusk http://www.dannydutch.net/first-prize/

  • Heather June 25, 2013 09:52 pm

    This is my first post and my first submission of a photo - a black and white streetscape taken at night from the front of my home.
    f/11, 1/3s, ISO 200, 62mm
    Saturation adjusted in Photoshop.


  • Frank Villafane June 25, 2013 08:49 am

    GWB (George Washington Bridge)

    Shot from Fort Lee Park, 8:30pm. Nikon D600 f/11 ISO 100 24-85mm ND4 filter.


  • troalta55 June 25, 2013 03:40 am

    Have tried several times but appear to be unsucessful.


  • DyaDyo Sadim June 25, 2013 03:22 am

    my fishing area

  • Tomas Icaza June 24, 2013 11:01 pm

    A night, after the snow in hyde park


  • Tomas Icaza June 24, 2013 11:00 pm

    At night, long exposure, South of Chile, Panguipulli Lake.


  • Rob Gipman June 24, 2013 06:22 pm

    Posted this one before I think but it's now in a competition about low light in nl http://canon.nrc.nl/Picture/view/12998

  • blueb3ll June 24, 2013 05:59 pm

    Moonlight experiment


  • Zain Abdullah June 24, 2013 12:56 pm

    My low light photographs:

    The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur at dusk

    The Putra Mosque at dusk

    Sunrise at Air Tawar Beach


  • Gary Paakkonen June 24, 2013 12:46 pm

    An old shot from downtown Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.3 image HDR Shot at ISO 200 and the base shot was 30 seconds.


  • Nick June 24, 2013 12:26 pm

    Low light photos of the amazing Spectra installation, part of the Dark MOFO mid winter festival in Hobart.


  • inkid June 24, 2013 11:40 am

    Dusk hour at Malacca Riverside

  • Nurrani June 24, 2013 09:11 am


  • Paul Lewis June 23, 2013 08:40 pm

    A low light sunset shot


  • Douglas June 23, 2013 07:12 pm

    Taken in total darkness in bulb setting. I put black tape over my flashlight, leaving only the smallest hole for light to escape so I could paint with it.


  • Guigphotography June 23, 2013 06:27 pm

    Living in Scotland I'd have to say it's a target rich environment for low light shots!

  • Harry R. June 23, 2013 05:25 am

    Thanks for this site - - it is always a treat to visit, catch up on posts, and learn something new.

    Low light shots can be great fun and surprising. This was a morning mist shot.

    PS: the linking/embedding feature is a nice addition.

  • JoanM June 23, 2013 04:56 am

  • Charles Brown June 23, 2013 03:57 am

    Night shoot near Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona


  • Mathieu Rinfret June 23, 2013 03:34 am

    Downtown Montreal from St-Helen island.


  • Felix Furo June 23, 2013 02:23 am


  • Fabio Petry June 23, 2013 01:55 am


  • Dr_Fu_Manchu June 23, 2013 12:33 am


  • xandy June 22, 2013 10:03 pm

    great post of your skills in photography.

  • Alessio Rota June 22, 2013 09:46 pm


  • Cherrie Zell June 22, 2013 08:02 pm

    The light was probably not low enough, but at least I learnt something.


  • Larry June 22, 2013 08:00 pm

    Ginowan Convention Center


  • Larry June 22, 2013 07:57 pm

    Taken as the moon was setting in Okinawa, Japan


  • Joe June 22, 2013 07:55 pm


  • Steve June 22, 2013 05:32 pm

    Zebras at night


  • Vipin June 22, 2013 04:54 pm


  • Seb June 22, 2013 03:32 pm

    Hoi An, Vietnam :


  • R.Cooper June 22, 2013 01:18 pm

    Unfortunately this is a bit old, I'm away this week and I don't think I can participate in this weekly. However I would like to contribute a startrail photo I did a bit ago. Looking forward to everyone's shots.

  • Calvin Guyer June 22, 2013 09:05 am


  • Calvin Guyer June 22, 2013 09:05 am

    Canon 60D, ISO 6400, f2.8 @ 1/13 handheld. Converted to b&w in LR4.

  • Rolf Juario June 22, 2013 08:44 am

    Here are the Opening & Closing Night Parties from the Biz Bash IdeaFest Expo in LA, CA.

    I shot these with the Canon s90 w/o a flash.



  • kabir mehta June 22, 2013 08:35 am

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/mehtkab/9081261704/ in Ravello

  • joshi daniel June 22, 2013 08:16 am

    mine: http://wp.me/silml-230

  • ScottC June 22, 2013 07:47 am

    I really learned a lot about low light photography in Europe. The night lights, Cathedrals, etc., taught me a lot about the use of ISO, many were hand held shots bracing against something. Great subject.


  • Jeff E Jensen June 22, 2013 07:02 am

    Oh man, one of my favorite subjects! I'm hoping to get out tomorrow night, for now, here's a few from a couple of weeks ago:


  • Lorie-Lyn Photography June 22, 2013 07:01 am

    At a recent wedding...

  • Tom OConnor June 22, 2013 06:37 am

    This may be one of the coolest benches you'll ever see:


  • Arun June 22, 2013 06:25 am


  • Thomas Schmidt June 22, 2013 06:15 am

    I had the opportunity to experience polar night.