Living Landscapes: A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography

Living Landscapes: A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography


Landscapes coverToday I’m very excited to announce the launch of an eBook that we’ve been working on all year at dPS HQ. It is called Living Landscapes: A Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography – an eBook authored by New Zealand Landscape Photographers Todd and Sarah Sisson.

The eBook We Just Had to Release

Before this release we’ve built up a library of 12 dPS eBooks but the one request we keep getting from readers has been for a Landscape Photography guide.

I’ve long wanted to publish one as Landscape Photography was my own first love but have been waiting for just the right photographer to author the eBook.

I’m glad I waited because at the beginning of last year I stumbled on a Google Hangout with Trey Ratcliff which Todd Sisson. I was impressed with Todd for a couple of reasons.

Firstly his photos were gorgeous – I got lost for a good hour or so looking through his portfolio.

Secondly Todd was a great communicator. He was funny, personal and even on that short Google Hangout I learned a thing or two about shooting landscapes.

Todd and I began to talk about a potential collaboration on this eBook last year and as a result of that initial conversation he guest posted here on dPS with a post called Composing Dynamic Landscape Images. That post was our 3rd most popular post on the site in 2012 and helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their Landscape photography.

This showed us the need for a more comprehensive guide to shooting landscapes and so Todd – and his wife Sarah who is also an accomplished landscape photographer – began to work on creating this guide.

Informative and Inspiring – You’ll Love It!

The result is a gorgeous eBook filled with some amazing photography – it is going to inspire you – but also some really practical tips from Todd and Sarah.

They write this guide in a very down to earth and personal way which will be accessible to those just starting out but also helpful to those who’ve been shooting landscapes for years.

What You’ll Discover in this 130+ page eBook

Here’s some of what you’ll find in Living Landscapes:

  • How to simplify the process of making engaging and technically proficient landscape images.
  • How to overcome the unique challenges that landscape photography presents.
  • The 4 landscape fundamentals that turn bland into beautiful.
  • Workshops and guided tours of some amazing landscape images.
  • A straight forward explanation of the gear you need.
  • Landscape specific post-processing techniques.
  • Advanced tips and techniques specific to the following landscape photography topics: mountains, water, bush and forest, black and white and panoramic stitching.

Grab Your Copy Today and Save 33%

I LOVE this eBook and am so excited to practice what I picked up in it in an upcoming family trip. I’m also looking forward to seeing the images that our readers take as a result of reading this eBook.

Living Landscapes is available for you to purchase and download right now at the special Early Bird Price (for a limited time) of $19.99 – a 33% discount on it’s regular price.

Want more information about this eBook? Get the Full Lowdown Here. Or grab your copy by hitting the ‘download it now’ button below.


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Darren Rowse is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals. He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the ProBlogger Blog Tips. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter at @digitalPS or on Google+.

Some Older Comments

  • alvin August 21, 2013 03:57 am

    what will be the post processing software will be used in the book? I only know LR, thanks

  • Allen Winiski August 15, 2013 12:19 am

    This is, without a doubt, the best book on landscape photography I have ever read. It's one of those few photo books that I read cover to cover. It's not full of equipment and technique, which can be had from almost any photo book, it provides a guide to the thought process of taking a landscape photo. That's something I have never seen in a photo book before and it is the key to stunning landscape photography. Thank you Todd and Sarah, and of course to Darren for publishing this masterpiece.

  • Peter Evans August 14, 2013 08:35 pm

    One hell of a good book, a must have !!!

  • Paul August 9, 2013 02:36 am

    I would really like to purchase this book but, as commented earlier, I prefer a hard version. I go into the field frequently and take key books with me for reference. I don't have an iPad or kindle so am stuck. Is there a way to purchase the book in its "real" form?

  • Dianna August 5, 2013 03:06 am

    I purchase this, have the confirmation, and it opened on my iPad. Only problem is there didn't seem to be a way to save it and now I can't get back to it.

    That wasn't the case in any previous purchases.

    What gives? What now?

  • Felix August 1, 2013 12:41 am

    Hey guys,

    I might be interested in getting this, and, frankly, what's keeping me is the fact that it's an e book. I look at computer screens all day and I'm quite happy when I don't have to ;) So, at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, no way of getting an analog cop of this?
    Anyway, which format is it in? I don't have any Kindl or the like, so I'd have to check that I find some reader that opens the file.


  • Dan Warren July 31, 2013 02:35 am

    I purchased this eBook on July 24 and have already read it twice. There is no doubt that if you are a landscape photographer or are interested in learning landscape photography, this is a must have. Todd teaches and explains in a way that everyone can understand and learn from. His systems are straight forward and defined. Well done Todd and Sarah!!!

  • Darren Rowse July 30, 2013 01:34 pm

    robert - we've seen a few ways that people have done this.

    1. you could buy it and download it onto a USB stick or CD etc and give that as a physical gift
    2. you could buy it and email the email we send with the download link to the person you're buying it for

    at this point we don't have a system that allows you to pay for it and forward it to someone else - it's on our wishlist though!

    thanks for the interest

  • Robert July 27, 2013 02:46 am

    How can I give this book as a gift?

  • Allan Cox July 26, 2013 08:37 am

    A unique perspective.

    My take on this e-book is quite unique: you see I'm Todd’s competition! Yes that's right, I teach photography, I run photography workshops, and I live just down the road from Todd (well close anyway).

    So when I saw Todd's book for sale, my first thought was hell no, I'm not giving money to the competition. But then I thought, hang on a minute, my job is not to compete against Todd, my job is to do the best job I can for my clients. Sometimes, this means learning from your competition. So I'd bought Todd's book, not to learn photography, but to look at his teaching style.

    So what can I say about this book to someone who wants to learn photography. Is Todd a good photographer? Yes: one look at his photographs answers that question. Does he have a good way of explaining photography? Yes. Would I recommend this book to one of my clients? Definitely.

    There are a lot of people out there, pretending to be expert photographers, doing a crappy job teaching the subject. Even though Todd is competition to me, it's good to see someone doing the job of teaching photography well.

  • Dorothy Martin July 26, 2013 01:36 am

    I wanted to purchase eBook "Living Landscapes" by Todd Sisson $19.95 (33% discount price) but was unable to enter discount code. I gave up in disappointment because I presume that at that discount price it is no longer available for me. now to purchase.
    The price I pay for being passionate about photography but in my 80's, today's technology gets in the way!!
    At least I can continue to look forward each week for your DPS photography tips

  • Darren Rowse July 24, 2013 07:50 pm

    Zdenek - the key is to save it when you download it. Our support team can talk you through this. Please shoot them an email at and let them know what device you're using and they'll give you instructions on how to save it correctly.

    thanks for getting it!

  • Zdenek Viteznik July 24, 2013 02:01 pm

    I bought the book Liiving Landscapes on line and managed download it only once and then tried about 50 times to get in again but then I saw a note that after 5 attempts I am finished !!!!!!!!. Would you give me step by step instructions how to get permanent hold of it. It is a beautiful book but I cannot buy it again when I want to learn from it. I am an old pensioner


  • Gavin Banyard July 24, 2013 01:48 pm

    I love this eBook. It is so cool to learn from people like Todd. I can't wait to use what I have learned today by reading it. I have so many new ideas!

  • Brenda Mason July 24, 2013 08:19 am

    I got this eBook first thing this morning and have spent the rest of the day reading, dreaming and then taking an impromptu short road trip into the mountains outside of the town where I live to practice my landscape photography. I can't thank you enough for the motivation and teaching to improve my work!