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Living Landscapes – A Guide To Stunning Landscape Photography

Landscapes_cover.jpgLearn how to take captivating photos of the world around you

Look through your photo archive and you’re likely to see lots of photos of two things — people and landscapes.

But what is it about Landscape Photography we love so much?

As a Landscape Photographer you strive to capture and share the beauty of the world around you,  just as you see it through your own eyes. But there can be a big difference between a good shot and great one …

  • A good landscape photo will sit in your archive and never be seen again.
  • A great landscape photo will bring the scene back to life every time you or your friends see them.

… and it’s likely you’ve only got one chance to make it count.

Living Landscapes will help you move past the point, click and hope approach to landscape photography. You’ll learn from a pro how to capture stunning landscape photos you’ll hang on walls – not hide in albums – by mastering the three key ingredients to stunning and engaging landscape photography.

  • The craft: Understand how exposure, color, and focus can make or break a shot.
  • The tools: A shoot-more-shop-less approach to the gear a landscape photographer needs.
  • The creativity: Merge what you know (craft) what you have (tools) with your imagination to create inspiring Landscape Photos.

What You’ll Discover in this 130+ page eBook

  • How to simplify the process of making engaging and technically proficient landscape images.
  • How to overcome the unique challenges that landscape photography presents.
  • The 4 landscape fundamentals that turn bland into beautiful.
  • Workshops and guided tours of some amazing landscape images.
  • A straight forward explanation of the gear you need (it isn’t as much as you might think.)
  • Landscape specific post-processing techniques.
  • Advanced tips and techniques for specific scenarios: mountains, water, bush and forest, black and white and panoramic stitching.


What People are Saying about Living Landscapes

“I got this eBook first thing this morning and have spent the rest of the day reading, dreaming and then taking an impromptu short road trip into the mountains outside of the town where I live to practice my landscape photography. I can’t thank you enough for the motivation and teaching to improve my work!” – Brenda Mason

“I love this eBook. It is so cool to learn from people like Todd. I can’t wait to use what I have learned today by reading it. I have so many new ideas!” – Gavin Banyard

“This ebook will tell you where you’re going wrong, and how to fix it. It teaches you what to look for in a perfect landscape, so more of your own images will have that ‘wow’ factor.” — digital-photo-secrets.com

“We would recommend Todd and Sarah’s book to any knowledge-hungry photographer that wants not just to take landscape pictures, but make them, nurture them, and do justice to the beauty of the natural world.”  — learnmyshot.com

“This ebook is an extremely valuable resource that almost any landscape photographer would benefit from, whether the casual novice with a point and shoot camera to the established pro and everyone in between.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  — rowansims.com

What’s in this eBook?


About the Author, Todd Sisson

Todd has been working as a photographer professionally with his wife and business partner, Sarah, since 2001. Living Landscapes has been written by Todd based on their experiences together and features case studies by Sarah.

Collectively, their career has spanned a range of genres including advertising, editorial, fashion, architectural, videography and portraiture. Landscape photography is Todd and Sarah’s first love and since 2007 this has been the sole focus of their business. They live in the deep south of New Zealand with two very busy children and a one-legged transient quail.

Why do we think this is the Best Guide to Landscape Photography on the Market?

  • Because it’s informative and inspiring. The eBook first looks at the pure techniques of landscape photography, the gear you’ll need, all the practical stuff. Then it moves on the creative side of Landscape Photography.  It has loads if images and case studies peppered through the book so you can learn exactly how pro’s think and act with their Landscape Photography.
  • Because it’s packed with real-world advice. Todd and Sarah live in one of the most scenically beautiful places in the world but even with all that visual eye candy at hand they still had to learn how to make the most of it.  That journey is what they will share with you.
  • Because it’s an eBook you’ll love to read. Not only is Todd a great photographer, his fun and approachable writing style ensures even the most technical concepts are presented in a easy-to-understand way.

60-Day, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that Living Landscapes is helping your photography within 60 days, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are that this resource will help you become a more skilled landscape photographer.


  • Is this just for DSLR Owners? – To get the most out of this ebook we do recommend you own dSLR.  You’ll still learn a heap about landscapes without one in hand, but to get the most out of the eBook a DSLR would be handy.
  • Can I read it on my iPad? – yes. This eBook is a PDF and can be read on your computer or any other PDF reading device. To read it on your iPad simply download it to your computer and then upload it to iBooks (or any other PDF reading app).
  • Is there a hard cover version? – Unfortunately not – we only do eBooks at this point in time.
  • Got Questions or Needing Help? – If you have any problems with the purchase or download simply contact our friendly support staff. Please include the name of the eBook you are asking for support on as well as your PayPal email address if you have made a purchase.