Facebook Pixel dPS: Now with 1 MILLION Subscribers [CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY]

dPS: Now with 1 MILLION Subscribers [CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY]

UPDATE: this competition is now over and the winners (and the bags they’ve won) are:

#1 – April B. – Montgomery Street Courier
#2 – Walt Winkowski – Montgomery Backpack
#3 – Rebecca Haines – Montgomery Street Kit Bag
#4 – Matthew Crabtree – Montgomery Street Courier Bag

Note: we’re giving away some great photography bags below. Read on to find out how to win.

In April 2006 dPS launched as a site where I started to collate the things I’d been learning about digital photography.

As ‘that guy’ who always got asked to photograph his friends weddings, kids parties, conferences and other events I was also the guy that friends came to to ask for advice about how to use cameras better. So instead of telling friends the same tips over and over again I decided to write them down in a blog.

At the time of launching dPS I wasn’t sure what the future had in store for the site. I was passionate about the topic but dPS had no posts and no readers.

Fast forward six and a half years and I can hardly believe some days that dPS has grown into what it has become. Not only is it now a business that feeds my family and employs a team of people to run it – this week we passed a milestone – 1 million subscribers!

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 11 47 01 AM

Who would have thought!?

Note: That figure is made up of people who subscribe either to our weekly newsletter or our RSS feed (if you’re not subscribed yet you can learn about the options here).

My Heartfelt Thanks

What does one say or do at a time like this?

I’ve been wondering what to say for a month or so now (as the milestone has approached) and apart from pinching myself I’m not really sure what to do except to say thank you because the growth of dPS has been something that is more to do with others than myself.

Firstly thanks to our team. Working behind the scenes here at dPS are a number of dedicated core team members who look after customer service, community management, the production and marketing of our eBooks, the selling of ads. They help to make the site more useful and sustainable.

Secondly thanks to our writers – both those who create our daily tutorials (we’ve published almost 3500 since 2006) and to pure eBook authors (we have 11 now).

Thirdly thanks to our volunteer team. Much of what happens here at dPS is done by volunteers. Writers and forum moderators – without whom the site could not run.

Lastly thank to our readers and community – you. Without you visiting, subscribing, reading, sharing, commenting and interacting with one another we’d not be what we’ve become today. I’m grateful to you for your continued support and look forward to continuing to grow dPS together.

Win 1 of 4 Camera Bags from Acme Made

To celebrate our million subscriber milestone we asked one of our sponsors – Acme Made – if they would like to give a few of their camera bags away. They said yes – in fact they’ve given us 4 to give away from their Montgomery Street Collection!

dPS: Now with 1 MILLION Subscribers [CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY]

These bags are stylish, versatile, and protective. The Montgomery Street Collection is made up of a Case, Kit Bag, Courier and Backpack. Each provides a unique solution to hold not just a camera, but other digital devices and essential accessories. The all-new FlexFold System provides a quick and easy way to collapse or expand the internal space for added versatility.

How to Win
Check out the Montgomery Street Collection and let us know in comments below which bag you like the most and why.

Four of you will be picked at random and will win the bag you like most!

This competition is open to our global audience – we’ll make sure the bag you win gets to you wherever you are! Just keep it to one entry per person please.

The winners will be chosen randomly in 8 days time (at Midday on November 23nd – Melbourne Australia time).

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Darren Rowse

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He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the ProBlogger Blog Tips. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter at @digitalPS or on Google+.

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