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dPS Forum Photography Competition!

Welcome to the first Digital Photography School competition for 2010! We’ve teamed up with www.digitalrev.com to bring you an inspiring photographyDigitalRev
competition that anyone can enter, regardless of your experience level. The competition itself will begin tomorrow (Thursday, January 28th 2010) in the dPS Forum.

You will find the competition in here

What is the competition all about? – The idea behind this competition is that we didn’t want to create a divide between the less and more experienced photographers amongst our members, so what we’ve put together is an idea that will challenge you to stand back and take a look at your photography, think about why you are taking the photo and work out what message that photo sends to the people that are looking at it. What we want is for you to produce a photograph that says “Life”

The competition will be held in our competition section and will run as follows… There will be four weeks for submission, You can post one photo a week up to a maximum of four images, or you can stick with one image if that’s what you would like to do, obviously if we’re looking at four of your images you could possibly have a better chance at being a finalist or even our winner, which brings me to my next point!

Our Exclusive sponsor for the dPS Forum Competition is DigitalRev who we’re very excited to be working with on this – A big thank you to Richard and his great team who have provided the following awesome prizes…

First place is upto $1600.00 USD to spend at DigitalRev
Second place is upto $800.00 USD to spend at DigitalRev
Third place is upto $500.00 USD to spend at DigitalRev

The last week of the competition will close on Sunday, February 28th at 24:00 GMT upon which time judging will begin and then the winner and runners up will be announced on March the 17th!

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am very against any competitions that “Rights Grab” and so we have very simple rules.

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