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Flickr Logo Gamma.Gif.V1I’ve had a number of emails from readers of Digital Photography School this week with some great suggestions on how we could improve this site.

One of the suggestions that came up on numerous occasions was that readers wanted a place to post their pictures and talk about their photography. Some also wanted a place to post photos that they took after reading the tips on this site (ie after the sunsets post to post some of their sunset shots).

As a result I’ve started a group on flickr which we can use for this type of thing. You can find it at Flickr: Digital Photography School.

To post photos or comments to it you’ll need to join flickr (there is a link at the top of each page saying ‘sign Up!’). You then need to join the group.

There are really two parts of the flickr group:

1. Discussion – this is an area for you to chat about your photos. In this section you’ll see I’ve already posted an assignment to post your self portraits. ‘Assignments’ will be regular (probably weekly) tasks that I’ll give you to do that will generally related to one of the tips I’ve written on this site each week. You can post your photos in it and discuss one another’s shots (be nice – it’s not a competition but instead is a place for us all to learn and improve our photography).

2. Pool – this is a place where DPS group members can post their photos (you can post up to 3 per day – but you do need to join the group first). So far there are not many photos in the ‘pool’ (you can see it here) because I’m the only member of the group but they’ll roll in. Feel free to post any pictures you’d like into the pool (please keep them family friendly). I’d especially love it if you tell us about the photo as well, tell us where you took it, how you took it, what you like about it etc. The point of this site is to learn how to use a digital camera better and I’d love our flickr group to tap into that.

There is more information on how to use ‘groups’ at flickr on their group help page.

I hope you’ll join me in the group. It will only ever be as good as the effort we put into it so let’s give it a go and see if we can make it work together. Shoot me an email if you want to make any suggestions along the way.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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