Contest – Win One of THREE Online Professional Photography Courses from the New York Institute of Photography

Contest – Win One of THREE Online Professional Photography Courses from the New York Institute of Photography


Over the last few years here at dPS, we’ve run some incredibly popular competitions with one of our partners – the New York Institute of Photography – to give away some of their great online photography courses to lucky dPS readers.

Photo by Finnur Tomason, NYIP Graduate.

Due to popular demand – we’re doing it again this week.

For this competition, NYIP will name 3 winners.

Each winner will receive a free enrollment in their most popular course:

Professional Photography Course – worth $1,199

The professional photography will teach you to take control your digital camera.

  • Develop your eye as a photographer and develop a visual signature.
  • Utilize exposure, lighting, and lenses on your camera.
  • Describe the proper composition and how to take the perfect photograph in all conditions.
  • Discuss different photographic genres including wedding, landscapes, portraits, studio, and more.
  • Use the manual mode on a camera.
  • Explain how to make money with your camera in a variety of fields.
  • A professional photographer will serve as your mentor.
  • NYIP Graduates are eligible to become certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Photo by Etienne Ludovic, NYIP Graduate

All students get the benefit of online courses they can work through at their own pace, as well as one-to-one feedback from professional photographers on their work!

How to Win

To win this competition you’ll need to:

Watch the video below and visit the course page HERE

Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to enter to win this course from New York Institute of Photography. Please note: there is a limit of ONE entry per person.

Do this in the next two weeks and on March 30th, 2018, the team at NYIP will choose the best three answers and we will announce the winners shortly after that date.

Deadline is March 23rd, 2018 at 11:59 pm PDT. Comments left after the deadline will not be considered.

By “best” – we’re looking for people who understand what NYIP is, what the course offers, and how it suits their needs. There’s no need to write essay length comments to win – but we’re looking to hear what you like about NYIP, the course and how it would help your development as a photographer.

This competition is open to everyone around the world no matter where you live, but there is only one entry per person, please. To enter – simply leave your comment below.

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Learn more about New York Institute of Photography here.

NYIP is partnered with the PPA – Professional Photographers of America. NYIP graduates are eligible to become certified by the PPA.

Contest open to all. No purchase necessary to enter. The winner is responsible for any fees or taxes. The prize will be delivered electronically by NYIP. Only ONE entry per person. Please allow 2-4 weeks for prize delivery.

Disclaimer: NYIP is a paid partner of dPS.

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Juanita Nessinger is the Vice President of Advertising Partnerships for Vertical Online Media, partner to dPS. She has worked in the technology field for close to 20 years, with a focus on photography since 2013. Juanita lives in San Francisco, where she likes to photograph the ever-changing city.

  • Lynn

    Photography is for me a creative outlet in an otherwise mundane, and somewhat stressful life. I picked up a camera about 4 years ago, enrolled in a couple of classes to learn how to operate it, and then just went to it, but there is so much more I need and want to learn. At the moment my portfolio is largely comprised of live music photography, I have no studio experience at all and want to branch out to Portriats and Head Shots. When I photograph a show I take about 200 photos or more and spend a lot of time in Lightroom editing them. I would like to be able to take less photograph’s with better results straight out of the camera with only a moderate amount of time spent editing and for this I need more formal training. I mean I can wing it with the best of them, but that is no longer good enough for me, I want/need a more concise education as I am sure my work could be even better and more varied.

  • paulina bal

    In photography I follow my heart. I’m not only crazy about the wonders that the world offers, I’m also crazy to share this with everybody around. I’m good, very good, but I still have a feeling that i’m not good enough , that there is something that I can improve and hopefully you can give me an opportunity to do it. The world is too beautiful to keep everything to yourself.

  • Esther V.

    I love photography! As a nineteen year old amateur photographer I am confident that this course would bring my skill to a whole new level. I love the flexibility of the course and that I could do it as I have time around my other responsibilities. The idea of getting training from top notch professionals is exciting, and I also value the fact that you would have a mentor who would work with you and give you specific guidance and critiquing with your pictures. I appreciate that this course covers a broad spectrum of genres of photography, which would be helpful in discovering which are my favorites and ones that I should pursue further. I am sure that this course would be extremely helpful for me as I continue to pursue photography. I am so thankful for how God has provided on my photography journey so far, and I look forward to what he will do with it in the future!

  • P?nar Efe

    When I saw this opportunity, I got super excited. I’ve been learning about photography for years on my own. I bought my first camera with my own money which I earned when I was 16 during an internship. I haven’t got access to any course like this in my city. While there are some courses around, they usually target people who like photography as a hobby or they teach the basics (shutter speed or ISO etc). I want to take it up a notch. I want to develop real skills and a firm understanding of photography that will follow me for life. There is a Chinese proverb that goes “don’t give me a fish, but teach me how to fish”. I don’t just want to learn what changing the shutter speed does, I want to learn to use shutter speed creatively to shoot more expressive photos. I want to have my own style. This is why I want to be in this course so much.

    I also loved the one on one attention and the sense of community offered by this class. I really need the support of other photographers and mentors to guide me. I think students enrolled in this course are people who are passionate about photography- people who have huge dreams for where photography might take them. I am thrilled that a mentor would be assigned to us. I already have a bunch of questions in my mind. Being in this community and getting this support would be a dream come true, and put me on a path towards reaching my goals.

    If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. I want to go far on my journey as a photographer and if I go alone might run out of steam. I need the crowd, cheering me on. I need my coach telling me how to improve. I need my friends and fellow photographers ready with water when my thirsty, or there to celebrate with me.

  • Jesse

    As an aspiring professional photographer, NYIP is the best institute to empower me to reach my goal of turning pro because of its practical approach to teaching photography. With a proven track record in delivering quality photography education, I have no doubt that I’ll be successful if I’m opportune to be trained on the NYIP’s platform.

    I got involved in photography as a student in the Nigerian Military School. With no form of training, photography for me was basically to take snapshots of military and camping exercises which I participated in. This was an enriching experience as seeing the printed photographs ignited in me a passion for photography. After school, I was enrolled in the Army and in my spare time, I continued with my practice of photography. As my passion for photography grew, I practiced more but deep down I felt the need to go beyond taking snapshots to making well informed and meaningful photographs which made me subscribe to the Digital Photography School to have access to photography tips that I’ll constantly apply as I use my camera. Presently, I’m in the process of transitioning to become a professional photographer in order to pursue my passion fully having retired from the military in November 2017. The New York Institute of Photography Professional Photography Course will avail me the opportunity to build a solid foundation and have a structured path towards my transition into professional photography.

    The Professional Photography Course stands out for me because it goes beyond theoretical online training. It’s a course with a practical focus as it involves working on a series of photo projects. I desire to be enrolled in the NYIP program because it’s a comprehensive course delivered by professional photographers. The program has a unique structure that will help me develop both technical and creative skills in photography which I’m deficient in (such as developing the art of seeing as a photographer, learning to understand the visual language in images, having a better understanding of light and how to harness it to create distinct images and also learning how to develop a workflow to edit my photographs – post processing/production have been a major weakness in my photography practice) coupled with gaining core skills in the business of photography which I’ll need to thrive as a professional photographer. Also, the rare opportunity to be mentored personally by a professional photographer which the course provides is crucial to my development as a photographer and will enable me to gain mastery of the craft. Indeed, it will be a great privilege for me to be considered by NYIP to participate in the program.

  • Milda Diceviciute

    Hello everyone. Pretty exciting opportunity , huh?
    Well I am another one who wants it.
    Me and photography started since I was a kid, as I owned all my grandparents photo film cameras like ‘zenit’. Broke couple, disassemble apart couple, couple still have with me. And photo film is were I started. No one was around to tell me what and how to do, no internet, no books so used to be nasty sometimes. Looots of anxiety.
    Anyways, never had dlsr camera until three years ago, saved some money and decided that I’m doing it, buying my first one. So now I have and a big surprise, sometimes I get so angry and lost because of things my camera can do, that I just don’t want to look at it for awhile. But I do want to master, I have ideas and stories to put into pictures. I was thinking about online course already and this contest does have a ‘candy’ I notice right away – a mentor. Most of the time I look at my photos and think how great it would be to talk to someone, it feels like I do everything a book says but the result not there. The opportunity to have someone once in awhile to work with you…I need this. I LOve this possibility. And I just miss school, want to go to learn. To do homework. And while I’m writing this and fantasizing to win and do homework for photography – so excited can’t even stop. Want it, very much.

  • Melissa Graham

    I have a purpose behind many of the photos that I take – nature conservation. I am a research biologist and an outdoor enthusiast, and I have been an amateur photography for about 10 years. My purpose in photography is to connect people with places and experiences that they have not visited first-hand, and to inspire awe and passion for the natural world. I have never had technical training or formal feedback on my photography. I would love to get instruction on a technical level, learn about image editing, and be critiqued by a professional. I want to create images that inspires emotion for the beautiful landscapes and extraordinary wildlife on our planet and creates a desire to protect and live sustainably with them as well. A course from NYIP would help get my skills to the next level. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bronwen Schoombie

    I live in a small town in South Africa and took up photography to help cope with the lonliness. I belong to a camera club and read a lot of magazines, and take part in photocrowd competitions, but I know that my photographs, although they have improved, are just not top notch. There are fantastic wildlife opportinities here. Not the big five, but lots of buck, giraffe and zebras. And birds. I seem to have reached a ceiling and dont know how to break through it! Bronwen

  • E.L. Bl/Du

    looks like Im a day late to enter

  • Guinivere Pedro

    Originally posted on FB comments… I look at people like Susan Meiselas and wonder how she came to tell stories as she does and more importantly, how she came to trust her view of things as worth sharing. I’d like to see with formal training and mentor guidance, if my view can improve towards something worth sharing too.

  • E.L. Bl/Du

    wow, to have the chance to win this and to take photography to another level would be such a blessing in my life. Learning from such accredited professionals and having an opportunity to ask questions to a pro would be such a wonderful opportunity. As an old film photographer, this experience would help so greatly to be able to transer those skills to digital. It has been a challenge, still have the eye and motivation to do so. I must learn HOW to take my photos to the next level. Im changing careers, getting out of medical, and into the beautiful. I need some direction to do better at photography, and become a professional. This class would be such a godsent opportunity to meet my goals, and hopefully make you proud of my work. My goal is to bring storybooks and other stories to life by blending (composting) I first need to learn editing, composition, light, and just how to put all my ideas into a photo. I also want to go in the direction of Maxfield Parish, but in photo, and not the same, with MY ideas blended in. PLEASE pick me. I can come out to NY and meet you all, my friend lives there, and he can show me where to go. (lol) Thanks so much for, however slight, this opportunity to learn my passion and win this contest. (Pick ME)

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