Facebook Pixel Announcing the Winners of the Corel AfterShot Pro Editing Software

Announcing the Winners of the Corel AfterShot Pro Editing Software

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our recent contest to win one of 10 copies of Corel’s AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editor Software. This was an “After” themed competition, and so many of you shared your beautiful photographs, that we encourage everyone to go back and scroll through the comments section to view these wonderful images.


As a bonus to the entire dPS Readership, Corel is offering a 30% discount on their AfterShot 3 leading Photo Editing Software for a limited time, and you’ll also receive FastFlick Instant Slideshow Maker for free! Just click here.

Yet again, the response was absolutely wonderful! But now, onto the winners! Drum roll please, and the winners are:

The Winners of the Corel After Photo Contest for 10 copies AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editor Software are…

Winner 1: Huston Traviss

Winner 1 Pic 717

Used the AfterShot Pro 3 free demo to finally fix a lightning picture of mine that was close but not perfect because of a raindrop on the lens. In 5 minutes I fixed something that was bothering me for months. If given a copy of this wonderful software, I would be able to finally salvage shots that are slightly off that I’d normally delete.

Winner 2: Glenn Lancaster

Winner 2 Pic

I picked this sunrise picture of the Grand Tetons to edit with AfterShot for one reason – I captured this picture with my Nikon D800 using a 50mm lens and a UV filter. The RAW file (.NEF) is 74 MB, and with some of the other post-production programs I use, there is a huge download time, but AfterShot opened the file in the shortest amount of time.

I use Adobe Lightroom (LR) 6, Creative Suites 6, Elements 14 and DXO Pro 10 to edit my photography and with that knowledge base, judging a new post-production editing program is based on experience and not guess work. The format of AfterShot appears to be directly off the layout of LR, so if you’re familiar with Adobe programs, the learning curve will be near zero.

In reality I find LR non-user friendly for beginners, especially importing files, AfterShot has a direct system of importing and exporting files. AfterShot has a simple editing sequence, with a color engine generator slightly clearer & cleaner than LR. Bottom line – if you’re looking for a post production editing program for less $$$ and you don’t need hundreds of different selections to confuse your efforts, AfterShot is the answer.

Winner 3: Jayme Hunt

Winner 3 pic 2

I have to say that I’d never even heard of this software prior to reading this article. I did go ahead and download the trial, specifically to see what could be done with a low-light shot of lights. I certainly wasn’t expecting much. However, it warmed the whole scene up and made my photo look much more the way I envisioned it in my head! The presets produced some stunning visuals, but, in the end, I played with the histogram and produced exactly what I was after.

Winner 4: Andy Dines

Winner 4 Pic 717

I use Lightroom as part of my job as a graphic designer but AfterShot Pro 3 really appeals to me for my own personal photography use, for the improved file opening times. Typically I can be loading several hundred photos at a time and this will make such a difference. Here is my ‘after’ photo.

Winner 5: Zabi Zafari

Winner 5 Pic

Well this is a very nice software! When I first started out with Lightroom, it was nearly impossible to learn how to use any part of the program… But AfterShot is an extremely user friendly, simple yet powerful software, that almost anyone can use. The tools are right there, the histogram is great and much more refined compared to LR. And oh my, I have a MacBook pro from 2014 with 8 GB of ram and a SSD, yet Lightroom lags when opening, importing, exporting and saving files which is not convenient at all.

As they say for professionals, time is money and AfterShot is the real deal. The photo I have taken is with a standard 18-55 mm lens from my backyard, I edited in AfterShot and it gave me amazing results! great job to my friends at Corel.

Winner 6: Chris

Winner 6 Pic 717

I have moved from Windows to Linux and have used AfterShot Pro 2 (edited the above image). Linux has some pretty good open source software but I find AfterShot works well for my needs. Very easy learning curve going from Lightroom to AfterShot. The price is more reasonable too!

Winner 7: Claudia Najhar Raphael

Winner 7 Pic 717

I have AfterShot 2, and now I’m trying the AfterShot Pro 3, and so far I’m enjoying! There are some useful new features that make a lot of difference for me when editing my photos. I’m used to Corel products, since I’ve been using PaintShop since version X4, and AfterShot 2, and for me they work better than Lightroom or Photoshop. I like the fact that I don’t have to import my photos to edit, it makes everything much faster, and I directly export them as batch to finish my editing in PSP X8. …I call my photo After party, because that was a beautiful flower gift that’s been given to me. I edited in AfterShot [Pro 3] and finished in PaintShop Pro X8.

Winner 8: Dennis Fisher

Winner 8 Pic 717

Well this little program made this little flower pop. A program for times when you thought you got it right but didn’t.

Winner 9: Jakob Maruši?

Winner 9 Pic 717px

Most of the time I shot macro photos of flowers and animals. For this contest I picked one of [my] newer photos of a tiny butterfly who was just having dinner. I would use AfterShot to mainly correct colors and composition…

Winner 10: Jake Nunnelee

Winner 10 Pic 2

…I downloaded AfterShot Pro [3] and picked this image. I did some tweaking and made this picture look 10 times better using this program. I would love to win Corel AfterShot Pro! It would make editing pictures so much easier.

We were all very happy with the entries. You made us smile, but most importantly, you made us want to do more of what we do; provide you quality information and guidance to become a better photographer. We were so pleased to see that you came from every part of the world. Thank you all for your entries!

Again, for those of you that didn’t win, Corel is offering a 30% discount off their AfterShot 3 leading photo editing software for a limited time, AND, you will also receive FastFlick Instant Slideshow Maker for FREE!

Click HERE to receive your discount and free FastFlick.

The Winners will be emailed with details of how to collect their prize. Please make sure to look for our email. Thank you again for all the wonderful submissions and to Corel for sponsoring this competition.

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Learn more about AfterShot Pro 3 HERE.

Disclaimer: Corel is a paid partner of dPS.

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