28 Ethereal Images of a Transparent Subject – Glass


Glass is one of the trickiest subjects to photograph. Trying to avoid reflections, seeing through it, and distortion it causes. It can also help create some dramatic and stunning images.

In this image collection we see how several photographers have handled different kinds of glass subjects:


By Ana

?aura Tou

By ?aura Tou

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Maurits Verbiest

By Maurits Verbiest

Hellsgeriatric ?

By Hellsgeriatric ?

Martin Brigden

By Martin Brigden

Dean Hochman

By Dean Hochman


By Tim


By sparkleice

Jurek D.

By jurek d.

Heike Giesler

By Heike Giesler


By broterham


By michael

Sandy/Chuck Harris

By Sandy/Chuck Harris


By hehaden

Stan Lupo

By Stan Lupo

Chechi Peinado

By Chechi Peinado

Carl R Jr.

By Carl R Jr.

Iahan 13:20

By Iahan 13:20

Andreas Manessinger

By Andreas Manessinger

Neil Tackaberry

By Neil Tackaberry

Chechi Peinado

By Chechi Peinado

Justin Kern

By Justin Kern

R.e. Kittson

By r.e. Kittson

Mister G.C.

By Mister G.C.


By Tim

Billy Wilson

By Billy Wilson

Jonathan Cohen

By Jonathan Cohen

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  • Claudia Sciberras

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