24 Cuddly Images That Make You Say Awww


Who doesn’t love a good warm and fuzzy image? All things fuzzy and cuddly that make the heart thump and make us feel good.

These photographers captured the essence of cuddly with their images:

Marji Beach

By Marji Beach

Scott Wills

By Scott Wills

Jürgen Schiller García

By Jürgen Schiller García



Jonathan Kriz

By Jonathan Kriz


By wsilver

Jan Truter

By Jan Truter

Tambako The Jaguar

By Tambako The Jaguar

Snugg LePup

By Snugg LePup

Mark Philpott

By Mark Philpott

Chris Fifield-Smith

By Chris Fifield-Smith

Barry Rayburn

By Barry Rayburn


By fivehanks

Tambako The Jaguar

By Tambako The Jaguar

Ray Dumas

By Ray Dumas

Sandor Weisz

By Sandor Weisz

Franziska Geiser

By Franziska Geiser

Lou Bueno

By Lou Bueno


By Kathleen & Ryan Rush

Björn Láczay

By Björn Láczay


By Rachel

Luke Jones

By Luke Jones


By FancyLady

Nathan Rupert

By Nathan Rupert

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  • Parijat Suman

    Daddy’s Little Angel – A family pic. I love it for the involvement of the father and daughter with each other and the amused teddy bear over-looking them!

  • RoverRecommends

    Awww I love your photo Parijat! Although in the article I find the animal photos much cuter than the babies. Not sure what’s wrong with me – everyone loves a puppy but I loved the rat as well! http://www.roverrecommended.com

  • click23

    So warm so fuzzy

  • Coachz

    Buddy knows who butters his bread.

  • Helen White

    Here is a warm fuzzy feeling from me! It is of a little rescue kitten we have named Sporty Spice.

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