17 Highly Detailed Images That Display Texture


I hope you enjoy this detailed image collection of subjects with a lot of texture. To capture texture in an image requires a few elements to come together – the right lighting, the right camera angle, and a good degree of image sharpness.

I’ll start you off with a couple of my own images, and then we’ll branch out to see what a few other photographers have done to capture texture with their cameras.

By Darlene Hildebrandt (shot in Havana Cuba)

By Darlene Hildebrandt (shot in Granada, Nicaragua) 

By JLS Photography – Alaska

By Nicholas Erwin


By Thad Zajdowicz

By Suzy Hazelwood

By Gabriel Caparó

By Sandy Sarsfield

By BriarCraft – crazy busy in July

By Kate Ter Haar


By Peyton Stanton

By Hernán Piñera

By Iain Merchant

By Marco Verch

By Alexander Day

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