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This autumn scene near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia is not overly exciting but provides a good example of colour theory in practise. If you cover the bottom half of the picture you are left with a secondary coloured orange foliaged tree and violet coloured sky, and the scene completely lacks any attention grabbing detail. Next cover the top half of the image; although the bottom half of the scene, although much less interesting than the picture as a whole, has far more impact due to the primary colour of yellow being surrounded by the primary colour of red and thus supporting the point of Matisse as quoted at the opening.

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Dale Wilson is a freelance photographer based out of Halifax, Canada. He has been a regular staff writer for a variety of Canadian photo magazines for 18 years. Wilson has also published or co-published four books and was the photo-editor on the Canadian best selling Canada’s National Parks – A Celebration. His practice concentrates on commercial work and shooting natural history images for four stock agencies. After a 10 year hiatus Wilson will once again be offering eastern Canadian workshops with his teaching partner Garry Black.'

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