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101 Landscape Lightroom Presets Pack

Discover Your Camera’s Potential With DPS Resources

Digital Photography School is a site dedicated to helping photographers of all levels get the most out of their cameras. Part of the way we do this is to produce quality ebooks and Training Resources for Readers.

Life in Natural Light

The Ultimate Guide to a photographer's most powerful tool, natural light.

Portraits Lighting The Shot

Lighting can be the X factor in making your pictures pop. Learn how to use lighting so you can start taking portraits like a pro.

Portraits: After The Shot

When you have real confidence in your own workflow and post processing skills you'll be able to share your own creative vision with those around...

Portraits: Striking The Pose

The AMAZING Portrait Photographer Gina Milicia shares all her portrait posing tips in this jam packed eBook from Digital Photography School.

Portraits: Making the Shot

Say Goodbye to Dull and Lifeless Pictures of People with fantastic portrait ebook

Loving Landscapes

Create your own perfect landscape photography workflow and use post-processing to create inspiring landscape photos.

Living Landscapes

Learn how to take captivating photos of the world around you, just as you see it through your own eyes.

Going Pro

If you dream about making money through your passion, now's your chance to make it happen

Natural Light

After the Camera, Your most Powerful Photographic Tool is Light Are you making the most of it to create beautiful images?

Transcending Travel

Taking a Trip? You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right. With Transcending Travel you can!

Captivating Color

Mitchell Kanashkevich shows you how to see color—and use it to create stunning photographs.

Black And White Photography

The essential guide to black and white photography

Photo Nuts and Shots

Learn the techniques, tools, and thought processes used by the pros to take gorgeous photos

Photo Nuts and Post

Tackle post processing head-on with the tools and the courage you need to make it work for you.

Photo Nuts and Bolts

Discover How Your Camera Works and Take Better Photos Today

Photo Nuts and Gear

Don't spend a dime on gear until you read this eBook -- a small investment that will save you a fortune on your next camera...

67 Portrait Poses (Printable)

These handy little portrait posing guides can be neatly kept in your camera bag on stored on your phone for quick access

Kids Posing Guide

5 very helpful posing guides to help you improve your kid photography at any age.

Click! [kids photography]

You Don’t need a Fancy Camera or Artistic Flair to take Beautiful Photos of your Kids

Photo Magic

Learn how to create unique (and amazing) special effect images of your own.

The Art of Self Portraiture

For centuries, artists have used self-portraiture as the key to unlock their full creative potential. Now you can too.

14 Amazing Portrait Recipes

Just like traditional cooking recipes, these recipes give photographers the ingredients they need to take a great portrait.

Fast FLASH For Portrait Perfection

Flash techniques & lighting set ups for studio-quality portraits

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