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Contest Winners: "Quiet"

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  • Contest Winners: "Quiet"

    This week's winners...

    In first is Dosi_Mark's Pier

    " There were lots of photos of beautiful places this week so I had to look hard to pick between them. Two things particularly appealed about Dosi_Mark's entry: the leading lines of the dock taking the viewer right out to the platform over the lake and the beautiful palette of colours, which would convey calm even without the other visual information."
    "Altho there were plenty of other lake pictures, this one struck as being the most calm and quiet. With no people in site, and calm waters, it held the most meaning for me"
    "Not even the water appears to be making a sound in this peaceful shot."

    A tie for second gives us J Rousell's "You could hear a (drawing) pin drop"

    "NOW THIS is what its all about. Quiet as a pin dropping. Ok so its a tac but relatively the same thing"

    and dulceylima's Lone Maple with Fog
    <a href="" title="Lone Maple with Fog by dulceyannalima, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="481" alt="Lone Maple with Fog"></a>
    "There is something about fog and how it can quiet the world. Here the solitary tree almost disappears in the mist giving it a softness and almost ethereal quality."

    Third is for Sluggosqueen's Shhhhh!

    "Sluggosqueen's photo is going to leave us all with nightmares of librarians looming over us and quiet as a forceful imperative rather than a gentle ambience. I'm assuming that this was posed rather than being captured just before being ejected from the reference room! It could perhaps have been framed with a little more room above the tip of the finger but leaving the eyes out keeps the focus clearly on the shush rather than the person."
    "went for the obvious this was my first thought of a quiet picture. Mom holding up her finger to her lips and going shhhh"
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    OK to re-edit and repost my shots on dps

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    Grats to the winners!
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      I'm honored to have placed this week. There were so many great shots.

      This was my first attempt at a self portrait and I learned a lot. I do agree with the moderators that this could have been framed a bit better. It seemed that if the framing was on, then my lips were looking freaky or my finger seemed to look like it was up my nose.


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        Congratulations to the winners. Some really good shots.

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          Congratulations to the winners, all great choices that reflected the theme perfectly.


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            Congratulations to the winners, wonderful array of images


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              Good choices, all.
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                Cool! Many thanks and congrats to everyone else too!
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                  Congrats to all winners! Very interesting and inspiring compositions! I have learned something again! Cheers!


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                    Congrats to the winners. Great photos. I love the colours in the photo of the pier, and the concept of a pin (or tack) dropping is excellent. The foggy scene is quiet as well as a bit sinister, and finally the "Shhhh" makes me shut up and bring this post to an end
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                      Great photos and congratulations to the winners. There were some really good pictures captured in the assignment.
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                        Congratulations to the winners.
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                          Originally posted by SiewFeun View Post
                          Congrats to all winners! Very interesting and inspiring compositions! I have learned something again! Cheers!
                          You stole my words! Congrats ;]
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                            Congrats to the winners, some awesome shots
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                              Congratulations to all!