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  • Landscape Photography Filters

    I've been wanting to get into landscape photography. So a while a go I bought
    • Lee Foundation Kit Lee Filters USA | Foundation Kit
    • Lee Grad ND filter
    • Lee .3,.6 and .9 ND filters
    • B+W 77MM Slim-Line Multi-Coated Mrc Filter Kaesemann Circular Polarizer
    I knew the Circular polarizer won't work with Lee square filters, but some one told me i can hand hold them, I tried and pictures don't come out really well, and I was about to scratch them, or get reflection on them from the surrounding which makes the picture look bad.
    I really also like to buy a Singh Ray Reverse ND filter. and I just like to be able to work with my filters together. Is there anyway to use Singh Ray Reverse ND with my polarizer? also are there some other square filters that I can replace my Lee filters with which also has good filters?
    also in general can you give some tips about landscape photography and filters?

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