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Nikon D70 fee error

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  • Nikon D70 fee error

    I have a friend who dropped the company Nikon D70. Now, nothing works but there is an error message. Fee. Any ideas on how to restore it?
    I rad that it has something to do with the connection between the lens and the body and but no idea how to fix it. Help!~


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    Fee usually means that the camera can't detect a lens. It may be that something in either the camera or lens mount got knocked out of alignment.

    1. Have you tried on the "M" setting? If M still gives the Fee error, I'd expect the camera will need repair.

    2. If M works, have you tried different lenses? If other lenses work ok, then it's a lens issue. If they don't, it's the camera body. Either way, I'd expect something would have to in for repair.
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      If I recall correctly, the D70 has had issues with a weak mount. I remember a conversation about some heavier lenses easily flexing the mount - ones that would not usually be a problem on an N80. It's possible that the mount was damaged in the drop - which would lead to that error, as above.

      To add a little hope - but it sounds more like the above to me -

      Check the firmware as well - was the firmware ever updated, there was a problem with some afs and or VR lenses - especially third party lenses, that would occasionally cause the same error - which was fixed in firmware.

      I assume it's not the Blinking Green light of death error - which Nikon will repair for free - It happened to me, but I don't recall if FEE showed up or not. The camera was inoperable then. But if nothing works - and there is just a green light blinking over and over in addition to the FEE, it's possibly a free repair - I don't think I even paid shipping.

      Do they have more than one lens to check? And make sure to try it in M mode as suggested above. If it works in M mode - and they can make a narrow depth of field and calibrate the position of the camera to be perpendicular to a brick wall - it should be easy to see if the mount is warped. (not just the mount ring, but the plastic around the mount area)

      Regardless - it seems like it's time to send it in for service - and possibly buy a replacement - i'm not sure the camera value will be worth the repair price, but it might be... definitely needs an estimate)
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        Set the lens to f/22 and change the camer to Aperture priority! Try to change the aperture via the camera...!
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          FEE doesn't mean no lens detected, that's F- - . FEE means lack of aperture control/incorrect aperture setting. If it's a manual aperture lens set it to the minimum. If it's not a manual aperture lens, try a different lens.
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