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A guide to captivating travel photography

Transcending Travel

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Taking a Trip? You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right…

  • The dreamgoing on a trip with dreams of capturing the magical experiences that you have and returning home with a camera full of captivating images to show your friends.
  • The realityyou return home wonderful memories, but a camera full of uninspiring images that don’t do your adventure justice, and leave your friends and family disinterested… when they could have been mesmerized.

What if you could spend time being coached by one of the top travel photographers in the world?

Transcending Travel is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to take riveting travel photography images, ones so striking you’re friends won’t be able to stop talking about and sharing them.

The great thing about it is that it’s just as applicable whether you’re traveling near or far from home.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just $19.99 USD.

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What People are Saying about Transcending Travel

“Great stuff Mitchell! I just bought the ebook last night and loved it. I plan on reading it again tonight. I would suggest to all to buy the book. The advice and pictures are outstanding!! At this price it’s about the same price as three good beers…and it doesn’t make you pee. – Peter S (blog comment)”

“LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!” – @cindykilkenny (via Twitter)

“I’m off overseas in the next couple of weeks and thanks to this new publication I feel I’ll come home with better photos than I could ever have hoped for. Thanks DPS for another great read.” – Colin Jones (via Facebook)

Transcending Travel – What’s Inside

Written by acclaimed professional travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, Transcending Travel is a downloadable PDF eBook specifically designed to help you improve your travel photography.

Here’s a sample shot of how a typical page is laid out.

Travel Photography Guide Sample

Sample Page from the Composition Section

Discover how to take Captivating Travel Images

Transcending Travel is set out in four easy to use sections.

1. Preparation: advice on preparing for your trip

  • How to research your trip
  • Choosing the Right Lenses to take
  • Buying the right camera body
  • Other Equipment to take

2. Composition: how to communicate effectively to those who view your images through principles of photographic composition.

  • The Photographic Frame and how to use it
  • How to draw the eye of those viewing your images
  • The importance of Focal Points, Perspective, Negative Space, Lines, Patterns, Depth of Field and more in Composition

3. Light: how to use light creatively to tell your stories, communicate your emotion and evoke emotions in others.

  • First steps to using light creatively
  • How to ‘Direct’ natural and available light
  • Familiarization with different times of day and lighting situations (including Twilight, ‘magic hour’, in midday sun, diffused light, firelight and foggy light) and teaching on what effects different types of light have.
  • How to shoot after sundown
  • Lighting tools: flashes and reflectors

4. Making Photos: walks readers through numerous aspects involved in the making of a good travel photograph.

  • 5 key elements of the photographic process
  • How to Freeze Motion
  • How to Effectively Use Motion Blur
  • Working with people – ethics, language barriers and communication
  • Posing People effectively
  • Environmental Portraits
  • How to Shoot Landscapes (natural and man-made)
  • Tips on Photographing Buildings and Monuments
  • How to Photograph Interiors and Still Life Objects

Here’s the table of contents:

Table of contents

  • Foreword 2
  • A note from Darren Rowse 3
  • About the Author 3
  • Credits and Copyright 3
  • - -
  • Preparation and practicalities 5
  • Research 6
  • Travel practicalities 7
  • Lenses 8
  • Things to consider when buying camera bodies 12
  • Other equipment to consider 13
  • - -
  • Composition: Communicating with the frame 14
  • The frame 15
  • The famous rule of thirds 16
  • Visual weight or "What draws the eye?" 18
  • Focal point 21
  • Perspective 22
  • Negative space 23
  • Lines 24
  • Shallow depth of field 27
  • Frame within a frame 28
  • Patterns 29
  • - -
  • Light 30
  • First steps to using light creatively 31
  • Directing" natural and available light" 32
  • Twilight 34
  • The magic hour"" 35
  • Harsh light of midday 35
  • Diffused light 36
  • Light in foggy conditions 37
  • Firelight 38
  • Photography after sundown 39
  • Lighting tools: flashes and reflectors 40
  • - -
  • Making photos 41
  • The photographic process 42
  • Freezing motion 46
  • Motion blur 49
  • Panning 51
  • People relations 53
  • Posing 57
  • Environmental portraits 61
  • Landscapes (natural and man-made) 64
  • Buildings and monuments 69
  • Interiors 74
  • Still life objects 77
  • - -
  • Final words 80
  • - -
  • Want more from dPS? 81

Another Sample – Each Page has Plenty of Helpful Illustrative Examples

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About the Author

Travel photographer Mitchell KanashkevichMitchell Kanashkevich is a freelance travel and documentary photographer. He travels the world and shoots personal projects as well as travel related stories and stock photos for Getty and Corbis Images.

Mitchell’s work has appeared in some of the world’s top photography magazines, on book covers, in ad campaigns and has made its way into private photo collections around the world.

dPS is excited to work with Mitchell and are sure you’ll be both inspired by his images and informed by his extensive knowledge of travel photography. Also keep in mind that much of what’s covered will also help you in your day to day photography, whether you’re planning a trip or not.

More Feedback from Transcending Travel Owners

“I have found Mitchell’s book to be one of the best I’ve read bar none. It hits all the primary areas to create a good picture. Its a bonus that it is so compact and his writing succinct, which makes for a good reference when one needs a refresher on a particular topic.” – Pete Ritter (via email)

“It is great – I read it from start to finish in one go! Very easy to read & understand and has re-lit my creative flame!” – @m24instudio (via Twitter)


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