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Portraits: Striking The Pose

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Posing is something that can make or break a portrait.

  • Do it badly and your subject looks awkward and the resulting image is spoiled (and quickly deleted).
  • Do it well and your subject will be at ease and their true character will shine through.

As a portrait photographer (at any skill level) it’s your job to make sure the people in your viewfinder are positioned perfectly and comfortable in front of the camera.

Experienced portrait photographers all have a set of ‘go to’ poses for any situation and have their own ‘way’ of ensuring the people in their portraits are as relaxed and natural possible. Over years and years they’ve experimented, learned what works, what doesn’t. The problem is that this wisdom often sits in the back of their mind, hidden from view…

Not anymore!

Today you’re about to get your hands on the posing secrets of  super talented portrait photographer Gina Milicia.  With more than 25 years experience taking stunning pictures of people, she’s going to share with you the portrait posing tips and tricks  she’s used on royalty, rockstars and supermodels.

We’re not talking here about wildly unnatural poses, we talking about natural poses you can use with anyone, at any time.

What you’ll discover in this eBook

Gina often talks about giving your portraits heart and soul and from the very first chapter you’ll discover she’s put both in every single page of this eBook. Everything she knows about posing is right there at your fingertips

Best of all it’s actionable, it’s inspiring and will help you become  a much better portrait photographer, no matter what your level of experience.

Here’s a peek inside:



And the table of contents:


What others are saying about: Portraits: Striking The Pose

I just wanted to swing back here and let you know that last week I was asked to photograph my niece (16) and was very worried I wouldn’t be able to pose her in a way she’d want to be photographed.Reading this book gave me the confidence I needed to work with her and let me approach the shoot knowing what I wanted to do.

The printables were a life saver. Between each setup I’d show her a pose and she found being able to visualise what I was asking her to do helped a lot.

The results of her beyond anything I expected and now all her friends want me to photograph them too! I just became the ‘cool uncle’! Thanks. - John Warren

Posing is one of those topics I’m very keen to learn about because I’m absolutely sick of reviewing the images that I take with family members and friends who look stiff, uncomfortable or obviously and awkwardly ‘posed’.

I think most of us as photographers know that feeling of seeing a photo ruined because of an obviously uncomfortable subject. In fact now I think of it most of us know the feeling of seeing an awkward shot of ourselves too! Those photos are usually quickly deleted or are never looked at again!

The first skim of this eBook is fantastic, can’t wait to dig in deeper and learn to take (and pose for) portraits that show my family for the wonderful, relaxed people that they are! - Hamish Curtis

I recently spent $300 on a ‘posing manual’ from a well known photographer and while I learned quite a bit from it I got way more value from reading Gina’s eBook today.

Best of all – I spent well less than a tenth of the price! Thanks DPS. - Beth Thompson

Posing has always been my weakness with taking portraits. I have a good grasp of settings and composition but making my subject relax and look natural is a challenge so I bought this as soon as I saw it.

Thank you so much, after reading it all morning it looks like it fits my needs perfectly and I can’t wait to try what I’ve already learnt.-Belle Anderson

I can see that what I’m learning is already improving my portraits but what excites me most is that I took a photo of my wife that she’s proud to show her friends! She normally doesn’t like photos of herself but today she uploaded it to Facebook – something I’ve never known her to do before.

Thanks DPS and Gina!-Brad Granger

I bought Striking the Pose, loved it, then bought Making the Shot. I didn’t know where was a third until I read the comments! Heading to PayPal after this review.

Posing people is a weakness for me – I feel like I can do it after reading STP. I didn’t think I’d learn anything from MTS but got it anyway and I’m so glad I did! It was inspiring and informative, even if I didn’t learn anything new technically, her mindset cleared the fog for me.

She confirmed things I had wondered about and gave me confidence. What she said about not rushing when intimidated or nervous really struck a chord. I went to an event to shoot last weekend for a charity – unpaid but I wanted to do a good job.

It was very difficult since it was a concert and exclusive dinner all in very low light except for the stage lights flashing around. I was supposed to capture what I could of the show and as many celebrity guests as possible, although there was also a TV crew there filming live, plus a pro-photographer (I consider myself semi-pro but find events hard, preferring portraits and fine art subjects). I was not able to rent a better camera or an ideal lens, so I felt handicapped with my D7000 and a cheaper but fast wide angle lens, and one good telephoto lens. I decided that people get great pics on cell phones, as she mentioned, and so my camera would have to do – it is what it is and I vowed to make the best of it.

Normally, I’d have panicked at certain points and shot wildly but I remembered her advice about NOT RUSHING and taking the time you need. Several times, I forced myself to calm down, even if it meant possibly missing some shots, and taking a break, or at least rechecking settings. I have screwed up whole shoots from nerves because of rushing through it, using the spray and pray method she described. I always get SOMETHING but have been very disappointed with myself. Long story short, because of her advice, I got the best photos I’ve ever taken, without any serious mistakes. In fact, those putting the book of the event together have selected many of my photos over the pro’s.

That’s a miracle. Thank you! - Frieda

Why do we think you’ll love this Portrait Posing eBook?

  • Because it contains 25 years of portrait photography experience.
  • Because it’s both actionable and inspiring.
  • Because it’s beautifully presented, laid out and so easy to read.
  • Because it’s guaranteed to improve the quality of your portrait photography.
  • Because it’s instantly downloadable and you can start learning straight away.

And mostly because it’s JAM PACKED with some amazing portrait posing wisdom you’ll be able to apply to your own portrait photography right way.

Our Guarantee to you that this eBook will be a Great Investment

If you’re not satisfied that Portraits: Striking The Pose has helped to improve your photography within 60 days, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are that this resource will help you improve your photography.

The Woman behind the eBook (and the Viewfinder) Gina Milicia

ginaGina Milicia has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years.

She has photographed some of the world’s most powerful and famous people including royalty and heads of state, billionaires and a-list celebrities and been on location in some of the world’s most exotic places.

Gina is the master of capturing that ‘magical moment’ both in studio and on location.

In this eBook Gina shares her extensive knowledge and experience in an easy-to-follow way to help you fast-track your journey to capturing beautiful portraits

You can get to know Gina a little bit better here


  • Is this just for DSLR Owners? – To get the most out of this ebook we do recommend you own dSLR.  You’ll still learn a heap about portraits without one in hand, but to get the most out of the eBook a DSLR would be handy.
  • Can I read it on my iPad? – yes. This eBook is a PDF and can be read on your computer or any other PDF reading device. To read it on your iPad simply download it to your computer and then upload it to iBooks (or any other PDF reading app).
  • Is there a hard cover version? – Unfortunately not – we only do eBooks at this point in time.
  • Got Questions or Need Help? – If you have any problems with the purchase or download simply contact our friendly support staff. Please include the name of the eBook you are asking for support on as well as your PayPal email address if you have made a purchase.

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